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I have faithfully served my Master for over a year and fulfilled all and any service he has requested, including oral, anal, financial and being offered out to HIS Alpha friends as a comfort fag, but recently he is getting reckless and his friends take risks with me sexually and physically, I feel scared, what do I do? I have mentioned some of the risks, which I do not want you to print on your website, but if you can discuss them without saying exactly what happened, I would love that for your readers context. 

Master Mikey's Alpha Answer

Firstly I applaud you boi, the fact that you can serve for even a year, and give in to all demands without question, that is applause worthy right there. It sounds like you have a Master with a aggressive appetite and he takes that out on you, which can be a good thing and bad thing. From the other things you mention, I suggest that he also has some mental issues that he is dealing with and you should be cautious about those, but the most worrying of all is the incident on the balcony, and I know I shouldn't mention it but I can tell you that his friends dangling you over the balcony while fucking you, is just plain dangerous. The chances of a fatal accident cannot be stressed enough, so you sound like you are in a very difficult relationship and need to get away from that Alpha immediately.

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Fag health is a crucial part of being in fag Alpha relationships, and its incumbent on your Master that he at least takes into consideration your sexual health when he is using you or passing you to friends to be used. The fact that your Master passes you to friends that have no care for your health, that is again dangerous, and no matter how many times I say it, unprotected sex with groups of men, even if you are willing is highly dangerous behaviour, especially when you have no friends amongst the group and are essentially just a worthless object for their use. In that circumstance you will likely contract some disease and be burdened for life!  

My advice is that you get away from this Alpha as he is clearly neglecting even the basic levels of faggotry care.

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