Fag Humiliation

Fag Humiliation
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Fag humiliation is one of the most critical areas for a Master with its fag. A fag simply cannot progress on its life journey unless it receives the correct amount of positively applied abuse, victimisation, humiliation and violence on a daily weekly basis. To understand the important of humiliation for training, read slave training in 10 steps. Abuse is important because it continually reminds the fag of its place at the bottom of the chain of command, that its status is low and below all other humans and definitely well below its Master. Humiliation is also super important because the fag mind must be kept alert and broken, and this needs a state of constant humiliation. It must suffer verbally and physically in front of its peers and friends if it has any. It must feel shame, and that fag humiliation must be enforced by its ruler and Master, YOU.

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I humiliate all my fags daily, whether that is in person, online or over the phone, I never miss an opportunity to destroy a fag mentally and emotionally. You can find my personal fag humiliation page on NiteFlirt dedicated to fag humiliation here. All my fags love it and as I write this, I think of one specific faggot that purchases my content on NiteFlirt, and this little faggot fuck is called “bumbl____” or fag 131 as I like to call this faggot cunt. Fag 131 has needs, and desires and they match up delightfully with my needs and desires.

Fag Toilet Slave

Fag 131 …. You can imagine yourself in the mall, deciding to go to the restroom, thinking that you are only going to be a moment before your back with your partner or friends. You walk into the restroom, and its not so busy, but you being the fragile fuck that you are, you head to the cubicle even though you only need to go for a piss, you are feeling inadequate, and standing with your cock hanging out, alongside other men terrifies you, and it should because you are a truly tiny fag, a small dicked faggot…. something I would laugh at if I was not in the mood to feast on you…

You stand there trying to squeeze the tiny bit of piss out of your scrawny little cock, and all that emerges are droplets, because you’re not a man… you’re a faggot…and then you clench as you hear a shouting... a loud banging, you rush to pull your pants up, but it’s all too late as I kick your cubicle door open swinging it right into your face… knocking you back against the toilet cistern. You are shocked... but before you have a moment to scream like a bitch, I have you by the throat, and I’m close up in your face... “Shut your fucking mouth CUNT!!!”  I whisper aggressively into your face through gritted teeth... “you are going to do what I say fuck face” “so shut your mouth and listen, because other people are going to use this restroom, and I don’t want you disturbing them with your shit, now get down on your knees slut!” hearing that you quickly kneel, not able to refuse, my hands wrapped around your tiny neck, the floor is cold, and your knobbly knees bend excruciatingly on the hard floor.

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Staring up at me, you can see me sneering through my balaclava…. the material stretching and giving away my glee at your broken predicament, you are truly helpless and unable to resist what I am going to do with you. My hand pressing down on your neck and shoulders you watch as I whip out my huge thick cock…you watch me hang it out the front of my pants, right in your face, so close you can smell it, the waft of a Masters cock teases its way up into your nostrils and blows your mind… you’re in a trance.. but the trance doesn’t last long as you feel me pushing you down towards the toilet rim. I lean over into your face again, now you can smell the thick stench of the dirty toilet bowl, so close to your face... and then my aggressive voice telling you “Lick the fucking toilet you animal, start right there by that piss stain at the top, and run your dirty fucking tongue along the edge until you get to the front.” You are shocked, a fight or flight instinct takes hold of you for a second, but that thought dies stillborn in your mind as I replace my hand on your neck with my dirty black leather boot. Now you can really feel there is no escape, the weight of the leather boot stamping your face down into the toilet is too much for you to handle, and then you feel a sting and your face starts to burn , you realise that a clenched fist has landed square on the side of your face and skull,  and my eyes blaze red as you stare at me scared stiff, I scowl at you, as you throw your tongue out of your mouth and start to lick the rim.  

Fag Humiliation Porn

All these years you knew you were a fag, and you loved fag humiliation porn, you loved the way that fags were treated in all those humiliation porn videos, you jerked your tiny cock so much, but this real humiliation feels so different, so painful, so absolutely shocking that your mind scrambles to find the emotions for your ordeal. The taste of shit scraps hitting your lips and the burst of flavour as you go over a piss-soaked section of the toilet rim takes the fantasy away completely and the horror of licking a piss and shit stained toilet bursts across your mind, you want to escape, but you cannot.

You hear me laughing at you from above, but you continue as I push my boot into the back of your head lowering you further down into the toilet bowl. “Lick that shit boy!!”  I shout into your face from above... your mind thinks back to how I was so adamant that you should be quiet, and yet now you hear me screaming at you as though I want everyone to see your fag demise and humiliation.  

Faggot Destruction

You know that a faggot destruction like this leaves a faggot totally changed for life, and all the porn you ever watched where fags were destroyed, never felt as real and perfect as this all feels now. You are a faggot being destroyed by a Master, and you love it, and hate it at the same time. Even as you lick the toilet bowl, you know that this horror will be replaced with memories that you will jerk off to for years to come…so you step up the enthusiasm of licking the toilet. You are a filthy toilet bowl and rim and toilet seat licking cunt, a shit worshiping faggot that does whatever a Master like Master Mikey tells you to do. You know it, and you love it, the destruction of a faggot feels so necessary to you. I kick and press your face further into the rim as you lick, knowing that this is going to be a memorable session for you.


Fag Toilet Slave

My boots stamping your head into the toilet have made you a fag toilet slave and you know it, its making you feel complete knowing that you are serving me with all your abilities. You carry on licking the bowl and the underside of the toilet seat. My laughter makes you blush with humiliation, but then you feel a warm jet hit your face, and then another... you look up to realise that I am pissing into your face, aiming cruelly into your eyes. I laugh intensely as I empty my thick cock over your face, the yellow urine splashing off your eye sockets and covering your face and shoulders, you struggling to catch the piss in your mouth and the mixed emotions of joy and disgrace in your mind. You have reached the bottom of the fag pile, the lowest a fag can go, surely there is no lower then licking toilets. Eventually the stream of piss stops, and the boot lifts from your neck, you feel my hands scrambling through your pockets as your wallet is ripped out of your trousers.

The last thing you feel is me kicking your hip and toppling you over into the toilet seat before I walk out of the cubicle… then you hear my voice in the distance…. “Same time next week faggot!!!!”

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