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Fag Hypno Cuckold
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Fag Hypno Cuck

You are a fag, and all your life you have been a fag, nothing will ever change that. Your friends, family and work colleagues all knew you were a faggot, and they treated you like one. However, today you are more then just a faggot, you’re a cuckold faggot, something you always aspired to be, and today you get to raise up the bar and be that weak faggot cunt for real.

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Your wife has seen the cuck fag in you all your life, and she knew that she would only have to put up with your scrawny tiny cock for a few years, before she had you side-lined, put out to pasture like cattle and got some real man cock into her. Well, that day has come, your devious wife has waited long enough, and now its time she did something that actually gave her pleasure, God knows she has waited long enough, laughed hard enough and put up with your shit all these years. You are weak, feeble and incapable of being a man or treating a woman like your wife, the way she needs. She has got you to agree to being hypnotised, and you being the cunty weak faggot you are, have agreed to do it. The worst humiliation in this is that you have seen her letters and messages and the requests she put to me, asking me to hypnotise and brainwash you, so that she can enjoy black bull cock right in front of you, and you would never know or remember what happened. Your dirty slutty whore of a wife is so cunty, that she wants to be black fucked right in front of you, and doesn’t even want you out the room, she wants you there to humiliate you, and you being the dumb cunt you are, have agreed. You even know the name of the hung black bull that will be entering your home to ravish your wife when you’re in deep fag hypno, his names Benson... you fucking weak pussy fag.

Fag Hypno Trance

She is at home, hovering about waiting for the hypnotist to arrive, and here I am. I walk up and tell her to chill and that I will take care of you, and her. She steps aside as I walk into your home, and gently usher you into your living room, almost as though this is not the first time I have been to your home. I sit you down, ask if you are settled and tell you that I will begin by talking to you and understanding why you need hypno treatment, work issues, family troubles or just wife’s suggestion... to which you reply wife’s suggestion…. I smile knowingly.

Seated and comfortable, I ask you a series of probing questions, each pushing you toward the edges of your mind, I use fag hypno cuckold technique on you, with each question asking you to reach further and further back into your life journey, each asking more and more commitment from you… and in the corner of my eye, I can see your wife pacing the room impatiently and worriedly. I pull out my pendulum and prepare you to adjust yourself to its motion, you settle watching it swinging, left to right, left to right, left to right… back and forth, your life is in the balance… your mind is clearing a path through a dark forest… and then its silence…. Totally silent... no rustling of the leaves and no whistling of the wind…... total silence... in the distance a dark shadowy figure hovering amongst the trees… you mind floods with fear as my fag hypno takes root and you stare at this figure… it gets closer and closer... and then faster and faster… its within feet of you now… and terror fills your mouth as you try to scream… then a flash of white and your skin goes cold. You are now in a trance… you can see the room around you, and your eyes are open. You can smell and hear but you cannot communicate, you are stuck in a world of silence.

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Fag Hypno Wife Whore

An hour passes, as you lay there, still, waiting, silent, trapped inside your mind. You cannot see me in the room, or make a noise to shout for help. You watch as your wife, unaware of your ability to see and hear her, marches in and out of the room excitedly like a school girl... “he’s out, he is fucking out... come round now” are the chants from her excited whore mouth… your heart sinks deeper and deeper than it’s ever been… but you are stuck, and unable to respond. You hear a knock on the door, and then footsteps, your wife walks in and behind her a tall black man, you recognise him, its Benson, you ache deep inside knowing what you are about to witness. Your slutty wife is the instigator of everything and she wastes no time in stripping her bull naked, and you see his monstrous cock hanging out which shocks you, but not as shocking as watching the enthusiasm with which she gets on her knees and swallows the bulls monstrously girthy cock down her throat. You see a joy and satisfaction in her eyes that your faggot cock has never produced in her. Your whore wife is so excited to fuck this black bull that she loses herself in wild throws of passion, licking his feet, licking his legs, eating out his asshole, right in front of you.

For 1 straight hour she defiles her flesh, being fucked senseless across all your furniture, all the things you paid for, you watch as she changes outfits twice into anniversary lingerie you purchased her... and she taunt’s your dead face as you lie there motionless…. She thinks you can see and hear nothing... but enjoys having you there to know that she is getting what she deserves right in your face... highlighting how inadequate you are, not even worth hiding this malicious and disgraceful sex… all done right in your face.

She has always wanted to do this, and now is her chance, as she dances to your wedding song in her lingerie right there in front of you… covered head to toe in Bensons thick cum loads. Her smile is wider than you have ever seen, her hip sway further than you have ever seen, she is carefree and lustful in his presence, a real man, a real black man, a real black bull, something that she can finally boast to her friends about. All these years, her friends talk about their encounters with partners and raunchy friends, and she has sat silent, knowing of the noose that hung around her neck… YOU!!! A pain and a disgrace incapable of serving her like the woman she is... her needs never taken care of… never given a single orgasm because your cock is so small that she cannot feel it inside her... and now she dances with her black lover and hopes it will never end…. Tears roll down your cheek as you lie there dead faced, and she doesn’t even notice that... her face tired from the orgasms stretching it to its limits, she is beyond caring whether you can see or hear her… you listen as she tells Benson sweet nothings and pecks him on the cheek as he dresses and tries to tuck his huge thick black cock back into his jeans to leave... she stands before him naked... with his boxers in her mouth… begging him to stay for one more fuck... but he treats her like the slut she is and throws her aside... the black bull is done with her... she cries as he leaves... leaves her used and abused for you to carry on your life with… like the cuckold you are…


Fag Hypno – Master Mikey Returns

You feel my hands as I pull you up off the floor, and start to slap your face... she is dressed now and walking around behind me… I tell you it’s all ok…. You slowly respond to my slapping and laughing... you have been in trance…watching and enjoying... your wife thinks you have been totally under and unaware, but I know where I placed you, and in what state, so I smile wryly when she walks past. As you regain your senses and sit up, she rushes over… “how are you dear...” smiling coyly, the cum still creating a glow across her cheeks, she kisses you on the mouth, and you smell his skin left lingering on your lips... as though he had just kissed you, that dirty mouth having sucked his big cock now touching your lips... his black cum now in your mouth... a tear rolls, she giggles and walks away.

I whisper into your ear… “you are a cuckold faggot fuck,  and I always told you this, so stop crying like a bitch and stand up faggot” then I laugh, saying to you “that’s what I would say to you if you were a man, but you are not a man, you are a soft fag cunt, and you were born to serve Real Alpha Men and Masters like me and Benson, so stay where you are and cry like the fag whore you are.. today your wife made you exactly what you are, a BITCH! “

Then I get up and walk away from you, leaving you on the floor like the faggot slut you are… still dazed and confused, your mind half in this world and half in the world of torment where you watched your wife ravaged by a hung black bull.

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