Fag Hypno Experience

Fag Hypno Experience
Master Mikey @ FagLife.com

Fag Hypnosis Experiences

I always get the same question from new fags,

“do fag hypnosis experiences happen for real?”

And when I finish laughing, I always give these faggots the same answer,

“step forward and see for yourself…take a seat in front of me…look into my eyes and listen to my voice….  ENJOY THE RIDE!”

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It normally takes a single session for fags to realise the power of hypnosis and mind control training in changing behaviour and modes of thinking. I discuss mind control in my post Mind Control and more extensively in Fags & Mind Control so if you want to understand further how powerful these techniques can be, I suggest you read those. Below I discuss experiences and showcase faggots that have been hypnotised by me, each fag is different and each experience is unique to that fag. Read on faggots and learn how its done.

Fag Hypno - Tims Experience

Tim is a married faggot, hiding its real life of service to me, behind a wife and 2 kids. Tim is an absolute faggot cunt because it always knew it was a fag, but rather than face the facts and live a life of solitary service to a Master, it instead, unable to admit to friends and family, got into a relationship, got married, had children, and now lives a secret double life. It had been serving me for almost 15 months before it told me what it was up to. It disgusted me from the start, and I will admit I treat it worse for it. On a typical day with Tim, it would arrive to my office at midday, and I would ask my receptionist to have it sit outside until I was ready to see it. As a deliberate mind fuck, I would walk past it ignoring for 1 -2 hours before I would address it and ask it to come into my office. 

Once inside, I would ask it to take a seat on my couch, take its shoes off and rest its head on the couch. I would then leave it for another 20 minutes like that... resting, restless, waiting for me. Eventually I would pull a seat up next to the couch and tell it to sit up and face me. I would position myself up close to the couch, so that my crotch would deliberately be pressing up against its knee, pressing my thick cock through my suit trousers into its knees, so that it could feel the power, and then I would take it on a verbal journey….

“Tim, imagine you are at home, and you can hear your family around you, and you glance out the rear window of your house only to see me standing at the bottom of your garden, now close your eyes and imagine me standing there staring at you, look at my lips, can you see me whispering something to you, well I am calling to you, make your excuses and step out of your house, come out into the garden, can you feel how warm it is out here, can you hear the sounds of your family dulling in the distance as you come up your garden path towards to me.. can you see where I am standing, now close your eyes and pull yourself over that wall… there you go Tim, now you’re standing in an open meadow, your family are out of sight, your free, I am in front of you, now you are free to get down on your knees, get down Tim….unzip me… take your lords cock out… let it hang in front of you… stare at it….absorb the smell of my cock, take it deep inside you”

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By the time I get to this part of the narrative, Tim has drifted into a hypno fag trance, and normally drooling, twitching its knee against my hard cock. Its fag body responds to my hard cock with twitches and rubs, which always makes me want to use the faggot. I normally finish by rubbing my cock all over Tims face and then using its hypnotised hand to jerk me off into its face. I always set a wake trigger into Tims mind before I leave, then I lock the office, telling the team that I am off for the day, and that Tim will be leaving later tonight as it is working on something for me and is not to be disturbed, so the cleaners will lock up after it. The wake trigger I set is the sound of its phone ringing, which I trigger later that same night when I am home. Tim always wakes up with a semi sticky face covered in my cum, and happy that it came to visit me.

Fag hypno works for Tim because it wants to be used, and knows that I am the right Master to use it and allow all control to be taken from it. It’s a journey that Tim understands it must go on.

Fag Hypno - Bobs Experience

Each month I visit Bob, because Bob doesn’t leave its home very often. Bob suffers from anxiety which requires regular medication and management. However, you might be thinking Bob is not well, you would be very wrong, Bob is medically fine, the regular medication and management that it requires is my fag hypno and my management of its faggot issues… haha

When I arrive at Bob’s home, I always put on the DVD player and play a fag hypno trance track, which is composed of a single mixed white and brown test tone fluctuating up and down octaves which causes Bob’s brain to tenderise before we begin the hypnosis process. I then proceed to grab it by the base of the neck and look into its face, staring directly into its head, beyond its eyes, visualising the cortex tissue of its brain… I see it pulsing before me, its expression softens as I start to sway its head back and forth from the base, pushing and pulling its neck to loosen the neck muscles in what begins as a neck massage and turns slowly into a rhythmic dance…in time to the trance music track, my hands clasped around its neck, its hands trying to loosen mine, the music grows louder, I slowly over power and drag Bob to the floor, still holding onto its neck, then I am on top of it, it can feel my thick erect cock laying across its chest as I straddle it, its voice trembling. Now sitting atop its chest, I release my grip on its neck and slap it, then again, and again, it resists and tries to hold its hands up, but I trap both its hands behind its neck, holding them in a bundle with one hand, I slap it with the other... then I start to push my fingers into Bob’s mouth… slowly going down its dirty faggot mouth…and I shush it.

“Sshshhhhh boy let my fingers enter your dirty throat… let my fingers slide down your dirty fuckhole… “just listening to me talking to it like that gets Bob in a horny mood, it loves that kind of dirty talk, as a faggot slut it loves being used. Then slowly and rhythmically I slide my fingers in its mouth and down its throat until it gags, and then having gagged the fag, I slide my fingers back out to its lips, and then back down again, for the first 20 strokes it gags, and then its slutty throat is used to being used like all fag throats are, and it stops gagging. Sitting astride its chest, I continue finger fucking the faggots mouth, and in shock and fear it loosens its body to allow me access… tilting its head to allow me to go further and further into its throat pussy… 20 strokes, and its relaxing, 30 strokes its in silence… and its beginning to relax further, 40 strokes, 60 strokes, 80 strokes and the eyes start to fade, the light behind the faggots eyes starts to dim, its zoning the faggot out… the feeling of being used for its only purpose is truly nourishing for this faggot and eventually its inability to escape and me on top of it throat fucking it with my fingers forces it to succumb and its body goes into a limp trance, I know it’s gone when I can no longer turn the corner inside its collapsed faggot throat… hahaha its fully in trance now. At this point, I normally strip the cash from the prearranged locations inside its home, and I set a trigger for it to wake exactly 2 hours after it hears me banging the door closed as I leave.

Each faggots needs are different, and I am the Master to know all a fags needs.


Fag Hypno - Derek Experience

Derek is a young single faggot, its 29 years old and the only solace it finds is knowing that it’s a faggot through and through. It was bullied all through school and instead of being scarred by the experience it enjoyed being bullied by the bigger Alpha boys. They tormented it and even gang fucked it on the last day of term, and instead of feeling like a victim, this poor cunt enjoyed every second, and now it spends its time looking for bigger and better dominant and fetish experiences. This is how I met the faggot fucker, at a bus station complaining about a late bus. I pulled it aside and asked it why it was moaning so much, and we got into a conversation where I realised that it was a faggot, and instead of going on a long-winded exploration with it, I felt confident and assured enough to grab it by the cock and press it up against the bus shelter. It responded with a knowing smile and the comment “yes sir, how can I serve you” which was music to my ears and led to what we currently have which is an exclusively outdoor public fag fucking relationship. I get to fuck this faggots brains out all the time, anytime I want and it has always to oblige my needs. Life cannot get better for me, as it means I get to cover this area of my sexual life as well.  

One thing Derek really enjoys is being hypno fucked in public, and I have recently taken this to another level with it. I ask it to meet me in a public park where I have it sit down on the grass away from other people, but still in ear shot. It can hear all the noises of the park, people walking, talking and enjoying their lives, but not for Derek, Derek must sit cross legged and look down to a candle nestled in its lap. I ask it to stare intently at the candle as I speak into its ear… whispering haunting words of reality…

“you are a faggot Derek, stare into that candle and watch its flame flicker as your dirty fag breathe crosses over the flame… watch it flicker in judgement as it dances in time to my words, slowly and deeply injected into your mind, telling you exactly what you are, what you have been all your life, showing you that your inclinations were correct even at the earliest of your awareness, you enjoyed those bullies in school because your inner fag was already developing and looking to make it out into the world and take its place at the bottom of the ladder of life.. and you knew that didn’t you Derek, so now know it well, you are exactly what you always thought, a dirty submissive bottom feeder of men, birthed by a mother that was humiliated with your lack of manliness and a father that was ashamed of you, you walk now in this life a fag, a loser, a creature not worthy of anything other then worship, worship of great men, Alpha men like me, Master Mikey, your LORD and your SAVIOUR, the one that has found you and raises you now on his lap, listen to my words as they sink into your ear and like the sweetest honey soak into your inner canal and penetrate into your mind, tickling you at first and then becoming one with your rotten fag mind…. Allow my words to enter you… let the sounds of this park drain away, let them sink away from you. You can hear a low tidal drone, that is your consciousness catching up to you…tugging at you, and it grows louder and louder, and the sounds of the park are vanishing, and the people you could see in your peripheral vision are collapsing and vanishing out of your mind, you are sinking into a deep dark hole, it’s a hole of your mind, so deep so dark and so empty. A thick faggot, dumb and retarded and unable to lift yourself out of this gloom, now you find yourself sitting here in the middle of a busy park trapped inside your own mind, listening to just my voice as I manipulate you into the darkness, you are trapped and tranced and fag hypnotised beyond your control, and there is no way for you to escape this hell I have sat you down in. Try to move and you will find I have switched off all your motor actions... hahahaha listen to me laugh at your plight, and in this form, I am able to inject all sorts of ideas, and thoughts, none of which you decided to think, but all of which you will take in, allow to soak into you and become you... a part of you that you can never remove… hahahaha.”

When I know Derek is this deep in fag hypno trance state, I know it’s time to plough into its mind some decrepit thought, some vile idea that I have come up with before arriving, some way to defile Derek for my pleasure, and then when I am done with mind injecting the fag, I will set the release trigger and bring it back to the reality of the park, unaware of what has been injected.  

Each week I inject something different, and when Derek comes around to reality, he never wants to know what I have injected, its joy is knowing that I the Master and its Lord has done what is right for me, and that it can only hope that the injection also has some benefit for the fag which it might derive some pleasure from, but if not, then that is the Alphas right and how it will be.  My fag hypno relationship with Derek is one of great pleasure for me, and for it.

A Fags Experience Of Hypnosis

Each fag’s experience of hypnosis is different and each faggot will get something different from it. All the fags I perform hypno work with are there for the primary reason of serving me, and that is key to any relationship I have with any of these faggots, that they must first be of benefit to me, and then as an aside there can be some reason that the faggot also enjoys or benefits from the union. A fag is always nothing more then a fag, so the hypno is used primarily as a form of making that faggot more useful to its owners, superiors, Masters.

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