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Fag Hypno
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Fag Hypnosis

Fag hypno is one of my personal favourite topics, and now you’re wondering why? Well, it’s because it works so well on all you faggot’s. Whenever I get one of you fag fuckers onboard my program, the first thing I check for, is your suitability for trance-formation and hypnotic suggestion because that will tell me how useful you will be to me as a fag. You don’t think I am here for your purpose, do you? Of course not, I am here because you faggot fuckers are useful to me and entertaining to me, and will slave yourself to the bone just to show me a great time and make sure that my life will be the best it can be. I have always had a deep joy from hypnotising and mind controlling people, and doing it to fags just makes it all the better. You can read my hypno trance mind control blog here.

Giant Gape Toys

Fag Hypno Wannabes

All you fag’s that come to me tell me that you love being hypnotised and mind controlled and in trance, but the reality is that most of you fuckers are not capable of being in trance because your mind is too dumb to even be hypnotised. That sounds like a contradiction doesn’t it, that your too dumb to be hypnotised? Well, its possible for the human mind to be so numb and incapable of being stimulated that even basic suggestions do not work, you are too thick!!!

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If you are that thick of a fag, then you will never be of any use to me, so normally I throw you thick fucks out the den immediately. However, the ones that I find that are capable of taking suggestion and being mind fuck hypnotised, those are the ones I treasure. Some of you wannabe hypno fags can be hypnotised and mind tranced and turned into serving zombie faggots. If I can make you useful, I will make you useful.

Faggot Hypnosis Techniques

Faggot hypnosis comes in many forms, and each form is applied according to the faggot being put into trance. Some faggots can be trained and tranced using audio tracks, and some need to be put under using visual cues, and others still need old fashioned hanging pendulum, but regardless of the technique, I can put you in to trance.

Audio Fag Hypno

For this technique I use two types of audio stimulation, one is a repetitive track which will repeat key words and phrases into a faggot’s mind with the use of different types of white and brown noise to confuse the fags mind and get into the gaps in its skull. This form works really well with most faggots as they are useless confused and mentally tripping after hearing 6-8 minutes of this type of track. The fag’s mind is a fragile piece of human waste at the best of times, so it only takes gentle manipulation to push it off course.

Another audio technique I use is programming tracks, where I take the fag through a journey, testing it from the start along the way to the end of the journey where it ends up deep in trance. I have stopping points in the journey where the faggot will be asked to give up control very subtly, without ever realising the trap it’s falling into.  Normally these types of program tracks begin by having the faggot place itself in my care, in a room with a single window and single door. I then talk the fag through the journey of going through that door, out into another place, and along a path, except this is not a path to enlightenment, it’s a path to ruin. At each stage I take the fags ability to think away from it, and then its ability to resist away from it, and then its ability to act, until finally its nothing but a docile non-verbal sack of shit, only able to follow my commands.

Visual Fag Hypno

Using lots of flashing light and visuals I can force a fag to go into a deep hypnotic trance where the fag is rendered mentally incapable of making decisions or doing anything useful for itself, except serving me and the commands I give it. For this type of fag hypno I have collated video montages of fags being forced to suck large cocks, being fucked hard in their assholes and also gangbang faggot bashing sessions, and these are normally played on a large 90-inch screen so that the faggot can feel totally immersed in the experience. Most fags will fall into a deep trance within 3 minutes of watching the hypno material, and sometimes its coupled with repetitive audio tracks to give a deeper mental massage.

The visual stimulation can be so intense sometimes, and I have permanently lost a couple of faggots. The fags I lost to hypno simply went too far into a mental trance. They simply never found their way back to normality. I did try to rescue those fags, through all forms of recovery hypnosis and for 1 specific fag I also considered bringing in another hypnotist to try and reverse the hypno trance, but all to no avail, that faggot was gone. The dull washed out look in its eyes told me that there was no hope for it. It took me a few hours to come to terms with the fact that I had wasted a perfectly useable fag, a fag that could have been put to work in the field, or in the bedroom, could easily have been worked for another 50 years in flesh labour, but was wasted because I did not take enough care of it while taking it into trance. That fag material wastage weighed heavy on me for a full day, and then I came back to my senses, it was only a faggot after all.

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Swinging Pendulum Fag Hypno

This is the oldest and most well known hypno technique. Fag hypno in this way is crude and goes back to the early days of hypnotism and mind control. Many an aged old hag sitting in a circus tent offered this type of hypno and magic. I can tell you that this fag hypno also works, but less so because typically fags have very little intelligence and trying to get them to keep their dumb brains focused on the swinging pendulum long enough to put them intro trance is hard.


Issues With Fag Hypno

Hypnotising faggots is a delicate task, and one that should always be performed by an experienced Master or faggot wrangler. At the very least the artisan that is going to hypno fags should be passionate and relish extracting a use out of faggots. If the Master practitioner has that goal in mind then it will always be on the right path to getting the fag into a deeper and deeper mental trance state. So many issues can emerge when trying to mentally control or manipulate fags, and mostly they occur when the Master has not yet understood the level of the fags mind. A simpleton faggot will fall into a shallow and then deep hypnotic state quickly, but may takes hours to bring out again. A more “intelligent” if you can call any faggot that, fag, will typically take more to put into trance, but will usually emerge quicker, and the reasons for this are many.

In my experience the simpleton fags fall prey easily to suggestion and will slide into trance fast, but once in trance, their stupidity works against the Masters need to bring the sheep back to the paddock of life... and it can be hard to bring a truly dumb faggot back to reality. On some occasions you will need to decide just to leave the fag out in the pasture, lost, broken, never to return.

The more “intelligent” faggots are harder to trick into a hypno state, because they are less willing to release themselves into your care and guidance, and will cling to reality a little longer, but eventually they all fall. Normally brining them back to reality is easier because they try to hold an attachment to a world they remember for longer, so as long as you have not left them in trance hypno for too long, then they will pull themselves back with little effort.

Fag Hypno For Beginners

Once decided that this is the right path for you, you can find a fag, convince it to take this journey and then take the faggot to the cliff edge as many times as you like, to build your practise and earn your stripes as an faggot hypnotist. You will lose some fags in this practise, so choose fags to practise with that have little other purpose. DO NOT use valuable or sexually interesting fags, its better to keep those aside for other tasks. Above all be prepared to lose some fags in this learning. Its normal and acceptable both in the world of Masters and in the world of faggots wanting to serve Masters fully and truly.

Hypno Moral Issues

Hypnotic faggot morality is something that all great Masters will wrestle with, as you are dealing with humans to some extent, albeit sub humans in the case of most fags, but approximately still homo sapiens. This will cause you to think through your actions, and ponder the bigger questions of life, as you Masters should. You do run the risk of losing faggots in the field of practise and breaking faggots trying to achieve hypno power, and if this is something that will weigh heavy on your conscience then you must spend time in quiet contemplation and decide if this is a journey you should embark upon or leave alone. All true Masters must make these decisions themselves. Only you will know whether you can live with having destroyed fags totally. I explore further the morality of fag hypnotism here

Master Mikey Hypno

I have loved using and abusing, training and breaking, slaving and fucking my fags, and I will continue to do so for as long as mother nature keeps bringing forth more faggots for me to use. I shall keep fucking them for as long as mother nature produces fags with boi pussys and the appetite to serve Alpha men like me. Hypno is one of the most pleasurable forms of making your faggot into exactly what you want it to be. If you want to see how I do it for Sissy Fags, then check out Sissy Fag Hypno Mind Control here. If you want to check out more about fag hypno, check out Faggot Hypnosis

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