Fag Hypnosis

Fag Hypnosis
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Masters , Fags And Hypnosis

Faggots will always veer towards being hypnotised, put into a trance, mind fucked and all manner of other desires, and they are all to some extent admirable. Fags at least have simple needs, they want to be controlled and dominated and fag hypnosis achieves that in one fell swoop by allowing the faggot to lose all control to the hands of an amazing all seeing and all-powerful Master, usually something like me, Master Mikey.

Fags Desire To Lose Control

Fags are simple creatures with even more simple needs. All fags have wet cunts and those wet cunts need to be fucked regularly to keep that faggot calm and clear minded. A fag cunt contains a special mix of juice and hormones that connect from its cunt right through to its brain, but I explain more about that in a separate article called Owned Fag Cunt. A Fag will beg to serve, and it will test your patience with its constant moaning and whinging to be your everything, when in fact it barely has the capability to be anything of value. You must endure this begging and see if you can find a purpose for it.

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Cheap Fags Desire Hypno

All cheap ass faggots want to be mind controlled and zoned out under the Masters control. Very few faggots understand the patience the Master must have and the time that it takes to prepare for a mental fucking session and then the analysis and attention to details of mentally fucking a faggot. I can tell you from personal experience that I feel exhausted after a day of mind fucking and continual hypnosis sessions. The experience takes away all my energy and often I will lie there as the faggot is returning to its senses and just catch a breath, before it returns fully and I must be attentive again. The glorious overpowering feeling of having destroyed a fag, or having taken its will power is energy draining. Cheap fags will never understand the cost equation of the Masters time compared to the fags desires. The fag will always think that the Masters time costs too much, because the fags time is worthless and therefore everything is too expensive by the fag’s measure.

Master Needs Hypno

I have found that training faggots as described in 10 steps on how to train faggots can be costly in terms of time, and therefore sometimes a faster way to increase your ROI on any fag encounter is to use hypnosis and mental conditioning. All Masters need fags and slaves, and best of all fag slaves to do their bidding 24/7. It’s for this reason that Masters will at least try mind control and hypnosis to see if they can get themselves a loyal and willing servant, one that is capable of serving and being of service to the Master and his needs. I have used hypnosis for many years, and its yielded amazing results for me and my faggot army.


Description Of Faggot Hypnosis Session

I recently took an older faggot into a safe space that it considered to be safe and secure from its family and wife and children, and then I proceeded to strip that faggot and use a microphone to inject thoughts deep into its mind. It helped that I put a cage on that fags tiny cock and then slapped its face red raw before I bent it over and slid my thick cock deep into its throat… it cried for a bit, but then realised that I was to be obeyed and nothing good came from sidestepping my need to dominate it. It relented and stayed totally still as I pounded its dumb fag ass into submission while whispering threats and sweet nothings into its piggy ears. On that occasion I specifically used aggressive verbal threats using words like cunt, rape, fuck, destroy and it seemed to understand what I meant.

Its very important to be clear with fags and let them know what is about to happen to them, and I use this policy with gangbangs also, so that my faggots can also enjoy the festivities a little, even though they are the entertainment.

Hypnosis Is A Tool Of Faggotry

Fag hypnosis is a tool, an important tool in managing and maintaining healthy and useful faggot relations. This is a topic that has taken a greater portion of my time as the years go by, so there will be more posts on faggot hypnosis, stay tuned for more.

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