Fag Lives Matter

Master Mikey in the flesh

I won’t explain what a fag is.....

You are here because you are a fag...unworthy… idolatrous, a worshipper of Alpha gods like me that roam the Earth. Fag lives matter to me, and you are looking to be treated like a fag, to be managed like a fag, to enter into ownership and a life of servitude, and I can give that to you. Your life has no meaning, outside of worshipping a God like me.

My name is Master Mikey and I am a young 22 year old Master that lives in London England, and I manage a global harem of fags just like you.

In the daytime I work in a very high profile city job. Alongside my vanilla life, I roam the underworld as a Master of Fags. Read on to learn why you should dedicate your life to MY service. Pick the fag fetish that most excites you and then contact me to play. Lets have some fun. 

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The Masters life

Being an Alpha Master is:

  • Self love and self worship, I deserve to be worshipped by others. That is your purpose in life. Alongside your praise, I worship myself, so that others know why I deserve to be worshipped. I lead you faggots by example.

  • Having total ownership of my masculinity. I am all things to you faggots, sometimes a lover, sometimes a manipulator and oftentimes a brute that will aggressively take all that I desire from you. 

  • Knowing my place is at the TOP of the food chain, and everyone below ME deserves nothing. I wield my infinite power with the skill of a samurai knowing when to strike and when to show mercy.

  • Knowing I am a GOD and I must always act like one. My power is something to admire, and something to fear. You will bow before me as you look up to my Adonis like body and the way that I manipulate and trick your weak mind. 

Being an Alpha Master is not:

  • Having lots of muscles and taking Instagram pictures in the gym. Your ideas of me are deeply embedded inside your mind and there they will stay. You will be mind fucked ruthlessly by me and if I choose to show you something of my flesh, that will be a privilege for you earnt over time. If you want to stare at hot bodies, GO ON GOOGLE faggot.

  • Being wealthy because the power to fuck minds and manage fags is bestowed upon the lucky few like me, and its not always coupled with huge wealth. In my case I am also financially free and wealthy, but that is not what makes me a Master of Fags. My wealth allows me to roam free and fuck fag minds with impunity but its not the reason that I am a Master. 

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If you send me a message on any one of my other platforms, like Twitter, Tumblr, Reddit etc, I will not be discussing my adult material, or speaking freely as I cannot verify that you are over 18 years old. My content is adult themed material which is for adults only.

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