Fag Manipulated By Prison Master

Fag Manipulated By Prison Master
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Fag Manipulated By Mikey

One of my faggots was sent down for a year, and before this fag went inside, he met me, to serve me before he went down.  This fag was a lawyer on the outside, so I knew what was in store for him, and I told him exactly what he should do, and that he would likely end up a prison bitch. Before this faggot went down for the year, we spent 4 or 5 sessions together where we role played his time inside, and this sick fuck loved every minute of those roleplays which got very violent and abusive at time. Since he has come out this type of prison aggressive Master roleplay has become the number one thing this fag wants, and so the below is a transcript of one of those roleplays. Enjoy faggots.

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Fag Arrives In Prison

Hey new fish, what did you do to get yourself locked up in the big house? Something bad eh, something really bad? Or was it that your lawyer fucked you, and now you up in this prison with all the bad men? Well either way, don’t worry boi, you’re in my cell now, and while you are in here, you are safe, but out there, well you got to watch yourself, out there on the landing all sorts happen to new fish. You like men? Don’t worry you will boi, there are guys in there that are going to try to make you there bitch, and there is no way to stop that happening, nothing you can do, when one of the gang leaders asks for you to be sent to his cell at night, the guards are going to come and collect you, and you got to go, nothing you can do to stop it, and you life depends on how well you get fucked and how well you suck cock and eat ass, don’t look surprised boi, this is prison, and this prison is hell for fags. I can tell you sucked a little cock on the outside? Haven’t you, admit it, go on admit it, no shame in sucking cock boi, especially in here, what happens in here, stays in here.

Fag Manipulation Begins

How about you show me how you suck cock, just so that I can give you some tips, make sure you suck well enough to stay alive, I’m being serious, the last little faggot that came up in here had his head crushed for not sucking cock well, the boss of the 4th ward smashed his head into the toilet bowl until his whole head came out, and that was over a bad blowjob, yes that how little life is valued in here boi, so come on, why don’t you show me what you can do? Get over here and get down on your knees, show me your skills, its in your benefit? Come on boi, what you say? Want to see if you can survive.

Listen I can see your hesitating but you really got no options, you need to survive in here boi, and I'm trying to help you, trying to show you the way, I know your scared faggot, but don’t be scared daddy’s here now, I will look after you if you look after me, so come over and get on your knees, look I have even popped my cock out for you, nice and thick, nice and strong a real man’s cock.


Ok listen boi, I’m really trying to help you here, has anyone told you what I am in here for? Oh well let me tell you, I got caught extorting a couple of faggots out of cash on the out, and the judge didn’t believe that it was consensual, and lets just say that I had to give those faggots a lesson which involved a beating and some time in hospital, obviously it wasn’t me, but hey the judge was corrupt, so even as a 22 year old they put me in for 6 months, I been in here for 2 months, and no one fucks with me, ask the guards why, you will like it, hahahaha

Look there is only so much I can do for you here, I am trying to help, who else would tell you to suck their cock in here unless they were trying to help you boi, so what do you say? You going to suck my cock now or not?

Fag Manipulated By Aggressive Prison Master

Ok faggot, I tried this the easy way, and clearly, I wasted my time because you are one dumb faggot motherfucker, now its time for the real, listen up you stupid faggot cunt, you are a little new fish bitch, and your little tight fresh pussy is ripe for fucking, and its mine! I picked you out of a line up before you even knew it, and the guards were told that you were going to be my bitch, so straighten up cunt, because you are getting fucked by me. I was hoping that you would make this easy on yourself and your asshole, but clearly you are going to have to learn the hard way and spend some time in the infirmary when I have finished slamming your shithole. That’s ok bitch you’re not the first fag manipulated by ME and you won’t be the last faggot fish I send to the infirmary. NOW GET OVER HERE YOU FUCKING FAG, put your fucking hands down before I smash your fucking face, get on the floor, now open your mouth fucker, and take this. argh argh argh argh argh hahahaha why you make me do this? Tell me why this had to be the hard way, why do little faggots like you never realise when you been thrown into the shark cage, stupid fuck, this could have been so much easier for you, and here you are now getting your face fucked by me, this had to happen, *SLAP* so why didn’t you just make this easier, and now you got me all angry and im going to rage fuck your face, moron, take that, open up faggot, open wider, go on, get my big white balls deep in your mouth, take it all in, eat that cock faggot, you know this tastes good, I fucked another little cunt like you earlier today, taste his ass pussy on my cock, hahahaha go on faggot, take it, hahahaha you see, you cannot stop this ever, now you know, *SLAP* this is how its going to be moving forward, and next time I tell you to suck cock for your own good, you suck my fucking cock.

Faggot Told Its Future In Prison

You’re my bitch, so If I tell you to go to cell 14 up on the landing, you go there and perform faggot, you don’t question, you do what I say, I own you now, and you bring back the cigarette packs they give you in return for your ass. I OWN you bitch, you do what I say and when I say it, there is no options, you want to stay alive, then you follow my rules and you keep me happy, like a good faggot, you fuck daddy when daddy needs to relax, you eat daddy’s ass when daddy wants that. I love having older fags like you to dominate especially in here where you got nowhere to run, so let’s make this easy shall we, you start by eating my ass out, go on eat my ass, and when you have finished eating my ass, I am going to send you around to different cells, I got some other boys in here that want to make your acquaintance now that we understand each other, hahahaha

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