Fag Slave Begs

fag Slave Begs
Master Mikey @ FagLife.com

Begging Is A Way Of Life

All my fag slaves beg at one point or another. It doesn’t matter if they are new faggots or old, they will all eventually beg for my time and attention. Its in the nature of the faggot, being a lowly beast to beg for me, always to beg for my attention. This is not a new situation; I had this when I was 17 and even earlier. At 17 I noticed that I had power over men, and that these weak pathetic men, old and young, dads and singles were attracted to me. I could see their eyes glisten when I walked in my neighbourhood, I could see their eyes widen when I came home from college or the gym. They were always strongly attracted and awed by me. I had an animal magnetism that attracted faggots’ day and night. If you were ever attracted to young hot guys, and know that feeling of seeing a guy that gets your attention, but knowing that your feelings are borderline inappropriate even though the guys 18, then you’re the type of faggot I am talking about.

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Begging Fags Gym Approach

Over the years I have had faggots approach me in the gym wanting to talk about my training regime and how I managed to get such an amazing chest definition or how I am able to leg press so much weight and in the beginning I used to tell them that it was all hard work and dedication, but now I tell them its nature, and that I was just born that way… blessed… and they all love that answer, I can tell they believe it when I say it to them. I then carry on and watch as they drool and simp over me, I can always see them in the gym mirrors circling like little bitches begging to come over and find a reason to talk with me or ask some question. I can smell their weakness across the gym floor, they stink like all beta males stink…of shit.

Beta Begger Boi’s In Bars

Beta boys approach me lots in bars, especially if I am out with friends, they will always find a reason to say hi, or introduce their girlfriend, not realising that she has been looking at me, for the last hour anyway… hahaha, oh how I enjoy those weak little pussies as they beg for my attention.  Normally when they come over, or we cross paths at the bar, they will say hi, and I will talk over the top of them and chat up their girlfriends or wives, putting them down where they need to be, at the bottom of the pile. Sometimes I will deliberately ignore them, but talk to their girlfriends or wives and watch as they squirm to get into the convo. Some of these beta males will eventually get angry, but not being able to do anything about it, they will storm off dragging their girlfriends. Other times they will fall back into their seats with a sadness in their eyes, like I am the final confirmation of their beta status. On some occasions I have ordered the guy to sit there while I kiss his wife in the bar, right in front of everyone, and you see the little soft beta boy go bright red with shame and fear, and then I tell them when they can run off leaving their girlfriend behind…. Dignity thrown to the wind, devoid of any manly traits. These little beggar bitch boi’s all want me, want to be in my presence, if only for a moment.


Begging Is A Fags Nature

There is no chance that these fags will ever stop begging for my time, never, that is not even a possibility. When I am out on the town, they beg, when I am in the Gym they beg, when I am fucking one of their kind, they beg. They beg to tribute me, beg to serve me, and beg to be in my company. I love it all, because it shows me exactly what I am and what these poor broken little faggot fuckers are…. Beggars for life.


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