Fag Slave Hunted Cunted And Collared

Fag Slave Hunted
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Fag Slave Character

Let me start by telling you a little about a stinking fag slave that also happens to be a cash whore and its name is Derek, herein referred to as “IT”. It has worshipped me for almost 3 years. It is an average 35-year-old lad, with a job working in an office, a girlfriend called Michelle and a dog called Benji. It heads out for drinks every Friday night with its mates which it has done since it left school. It lives a boring life, all except, It also has a secret, It is my fag slave.

Every few weeks I get the pleasure of It sending me cash, for no reason whatever, hahahaha I love it, it sends cash just to stay at the forefront of my attention and so that I do not forget about it. It wants to please me and stay in my good graces all the time. It knows that as a young Master, the things that interest me are cash and pussy. I like “pussy pussy” and “boi pussy” all the same, as long as it’s got a hole, I want to fuck it. It knows this fact and makes its holes available to me whenever I need them. I fuck its little tight boi pussy on cam at least a few times a week.

This is a very common description of a fag that I encounter in my amazing life. However, I meet so many other types of fags, and I do what is appropriate to each of these filthy little cunts. Below, are some ways I hunt, cunt and collar faggots. 

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Hunting the Faggot Paypig

Cam sessions

One of my favourite ways of draining this specific cashpig are to force it onto cam which it loves doing, and then have it use poppers, which are always a paypigs best friend. For every small instruction, this little slut whore always doubles its huff…it loves to huff at every sight of my cock or balls, and if I tell it to zoom in on my huge cock on cam, it will huff twice as hard and three times deeper and hold it. Usually, the sight of my thick cock drives it wild to the point that within a minute, its blitz itself out, and its throwing cash at me. Once it’s blitz out of its mind, I tell it to drop the call, and then I change the call rate to a higher value and message it to call right back... hahahaha what a stupid little faggot paypig…and still it begs for more because its possessed. The last call that me and this cashwhore did cost it $300, excluding all the tributes, which all in all made it a $650 call for this slut. I am sure that it struggled to pay its rent that month, what a fucking dumb animal.

ATM Sessions

If there is one thing that really ruins this dumb faggot, its ATM cashrape’s, and it enjoys those with as much excitement as a pig can muster. When I was based in the central London office, I would have this faggot come to the office foyer, and sit waiting for me, sometimes making it wait for 2-3 hours alone, while I was having meetings with clients. I would then head down into the reception and walk straight up to it, telling it to head out of the building. I would march this cunt up the street to one of the most public and busy ATM machines in the capital, there would almost always be several people in the line and several people waiting to join the line to use the ATM, and I would have the cash piggy stand in front of me. I would be whispering threats into its ears as we got closer to the front of the queue... “it’s going to be hundreds you fucking bitch, I want $100 for each of your floppy bitch tits, and $100 for the bra you should be wearing hahahaha” people would always be looking at why I was laughing at this dumb faggot.

When we got to the very front of the queue, I would have it type its numbers in to get to the amount screen and then I would push it aside and tap in whatever number I felt like taking…on several occasions I got into physical fights with people that wanted to be the hero, and step in for the faggot, not realising what it was, and then I had to smack them aside the head, until the cops arrived and the piggy confirmed that it was not under duress or being forced, and whatever else I had programmed it to do under duress… hahahaha and inevitably I would be let go, to carry on tormenting the cunt.

Park sessions – midnight rendezvous on park bench

I love having this fag and other fags meet me in the park, late at night, when the park warden has locked up for the evening. The gates are all closed and the people have gone home. I always message my faggot to head to the local park and jump the fence to head over to the park bench by the swings… there is a lamp in that area that shines over that bench, the rest of the park is empty. The night is a dark time for an Alpha like me, and I feast on whichever fags I can call into action for me. I love public sex, because I can wear a hood while the fags face is showing to anyone that passes, no one ever does late at night, but occasionally a late-night dog walker gets to see something he had never planned…hahahaha


I enjoy fucking fags in the park so much, it’s the combination of the moonlight shining on my huge Alpha bull balls and the cold night air biting as my cock every time I pull out of the faggot’s warm boi pussy or throat pussy, combined with the slow pained sexual groaning of the fag which is lost into the darkness of the park, at night. I will often lose myself totally as I pound in and out of it, staring into the night, as I fuck the fag because I must, it’s a satisfaction and a relaxation for me, it’s something I enjoy, just because I can.

Cunted In Hotel Room

A proper cunting is a hedonistic and uplifting experience for the Alpha, and for the faggot it’s a step towards faggot realisation. However, I rarely give a good cunting to any faggot, it’s a special process that very few fags deserve or ever get from me. If I meet a fag that deserves a good breeding, I will test it for its cunting capability, test it for its resilience to being abused, and insulted and destroyed before I arrange for it to be properly cunted in a safe secure location. I recently arranged a hardcore faggot cunting in a hotel suite in Switzerland for a Swiss faggot.

The faggot arrived to the room looking to serve and be used, and when it got there, it was met by me and 4 other Alphas. I held the faggot by the neck and marched it into the centre of the suite, moving sofas aside as I walked, until it stood in a clear space in the middle surrounded by 5 hungry brutal Alpha Masters all looking to get their fill from it. I then stripped it naked, laughing as I took each layer off, the room was filled with laughter when I ripped its pants off and saw its scraggly tiny cock twitching, and the fear in its eyes.

The next 3 hours were filled with the hardest fucking this faggot has ever experienced, all its holes were filled simultaneously with no let up. Each Alpha taking turns to go at the faggot from a different angle, each of the fag’s holes opening wider and wider until its gapes looked like smiles all over its body. The fag often fell limp, as its holes were ravaged, and spent half its time snorting poppers to maximise its experience, until eventually its popper bottles were scattered across the floor in puddles of piss and cum. It left this cunting a broken faggot, and days later I got a flurry of messages from it wanting to be cunted again, and messages from other faggots that had been told of the cunting I gave it. I always cunt the faggots I want to cunt, so begging for a cunting is no use at all. I never cunted the other faggots that messaged me, but I did put some of them to other tasks for me, hahaha.


I have started to enjoy leather more than I ever did in the past, leather collars, leather whips, leather trousers and leather straps. I can see the power in leather outfits, and I have used leather collars studded with steel spikes on some of my fags, but I have never told those fags that I have adapted the leather collars to insert tiny RFID chip aerials inside. These RFID chip inserts mean that I can track and monitor each faggot for their loyalty and obedience. I recently called a faggot over and when it arrived, I told it that it was to be collared like a slave, and it could not take the collar off until I took it off, and it agreed not realising what I was doing to it. I then proceeded to fuck the faggot so that it was mushy brained and susceptible to my manipulation, and when it was lying there upside down drenched in my cum and piss, I closed its eyes and slipped the collar around its neck. I then slapped the faggot awake, and told it to look in the mirror. This faggot works in the city, so I left the collar loose enough to be pushed down under a button shirt collar but not loose enough to be slipped over its head and put aside, which I suspect some of these slippery snakey faggots will try to do.  I then pushed it out of my apartment to go home.

I opened my laptop later that night and was able to monitor the faggots movements via a secret website. With my secret website, which I created and host in a secret global location, I can communicate with the chipset in its collar. Currently all I can do is monitor its actions and whereabouts, but as I develop this collar further, I will be able to communicate directly into the faggot’s ear, and pass electric pulses from the collar into the faggot’s neck to stun it if I am not pleased with what it’s doing. I want total control over it. I will post more as this collar develops features and functions.

As you have read, I take hunting for faggots seriously and then cunting and collaring them. just as seriously. My life, is a life of maximising enjoyment at the expense of faggots. I am able to conduct myself remorselessly because I know my place in nature, at the APEX of life, at the top of the tree, and I also know where fags are, at the bottom, and thus we all act accordingly, to fulfil the ultimate game of life.

Until my next post, I bid you farewell, faggots. 

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Fag Slave Hunted Cunted And Collared