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Facial Faggots

The first year of the fag slave’s life with an Alpha Master is always the hardest because the fag can still remember its past life. Most of the first year is taken up with training the faggot, and watching it grow into something useful. The faggot is typically always broken, through a life of abuse and degradation. Its normally had a terrible set of relationships, often has kids and is sometimes on second and third marriages. However, all those things are meaningless to a violent aggressive fag owner like me, because I only see these faggots as playthings and possessions to torment and use. Its the use that I want to discuss now, because I love to use a faggots face to please me. 

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For my purposes the faggot must be capable of performing sexually and also managing menial tasks around the home. It’s really that simple, it must be capable of being useful to me, otherwise why would I want it around me. Stupid faggots are never going to be able to stimulate my mind, so they can only ever take care of my baser needs, which means sucking on my cock and licking and eating out my asshole. I really like the feeling of sitting on a faggot’s face, and watching tv. You might think this is a horrible thing to do to another human being, but let’s be careful with our terminology, a faggot is borderline human, mainly beast.

Fags Facial

I find it especially comfortable to have the faggot lie on my couch, and then I slip my pants off and spread my cheeks before lowering myself down onto the fag’s face. It’s a nice feeling to know that you have an avid worshipper underneath you, and as the movie your watching progresses typically the faggots mouth gets wetter and slipperier, which makes for a wonderful feeling, especially along your perineum. As a tip, I would suggest you oil your faggots face with almond oil, as that creates a wonderfully warm slide between your anal rim and the dips and notches in the fag’s face. Always, maximise using your faggot, that is what it’s there for.

Ass Cleaning

It’s a delicate topic, but cleaning your ass is a chore that must be done every day, and without putting to much detail, this again is where a faggot will showcase its talents. Most fags have a love and devotion to their Masters Alpha Asses. They love the smell of the Master ass, crack, rim and everything else that comes with an Ass. Given a chance, a faggot will pay you to lick your asshole, clean or dirty. Most Alphas use their fags for anal, and mouth abuse, but real connoisseurs like me, Master Mikey use them for more. I will often finish in the bathroom, and then rather then wipe myself, call for the faggot to come up and clean for me. It’s rare to see a faggot use tissues or actually anything other than its hands and mouth. As horrible as this may sound to the uninitiated, do not worry, the faggot loves it, and the brown stuff is like treats for a puppy, and it laps up every last drop.


Fag Facial Training

You can use all sorts of training methods for faggots, some of which are highlighted in training your fag slave and training fags with sex dolls, but when it comes to Ass worship training you need to adjust that training to accommodate each fags needs, so that each fag gets what it needs. You can begin faggot ass training by simply having the fag sit behind you with your pants down, and allowing it to breathe in and out in a yoga style, next to your Alpha Ass. If you can muster some farts, then the fags training can be accelerated a little, but it will take time. The fag must learn to enjoy and immerse itself in the sights sounds and smells of your Ass cheeks. It will, with time become totally familiar with praising and worshipping your ass. At the next stage of its training, you can start to push its face into your ass, to allow it to really taste what its worshipping. On those days, you as the trainer must alternate between washing and not washing your ass, to change the smell and taste of your Ass, as faggots must be trained for all eventualities.

After this stage there is really no limit to what you can have the fag doing to your Ass with its mouth, lips and tongue. You can force praise from it, or make it a pleasurable experience for both to enjoy. I personally enjoy just taking what I need from the faggot and then throwing it aside to clean itself off. I can be messy and unruly, and I always get what I need from it.

Fag Vision For The Future

I have a personal vision for a fag infested future, where I own a large country estate in the middle of a small island, and on that estate, I keep a den of 20-50 faggots all serving me. They will all be taken care of, and prepared, to ensure that they can serve me unreservedly. I shall hold competitions of faggotry and announce a faggot of the month, which will be awarded to the faggot that I feel has eaten out my asshole the best within that calendar month. For the last 5 years I have enjoyed weak submissive men, fags and sissy’s, and I intend to enjoy them forever more.

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