Fag Slave Pissdrinker Testimony

Fag Slave Tom Pissdrinker
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Slave Testimony

This is my fag slave testimony series, where I Master Mikey will post the testimonies of my faggot slaves because they are incapable of writing. See how I enjoy my slaves and how you might also get to serve me. This episode is in the words of Tom, one of my faggot slaves, it loves to drink it's own piss and my piss when I allow it. 

Fag Tom The Pissdrinker

I got a 4am text from Master Mikey, telling me that I needed to get out of bed and stand by my bathroom mirror, and then call him. 4:08am standing by the mirror I ran his phone, which he then switched to a video call. I could see a view of his gym, with equipment everywhere, dark, screens on the wall playing dark gothic videos and loud workout music... the music quietened as Master Mikey came into view. Master Mikey was sweaty and naked, grunting while putting down his barbell, it was a turn on just looking at this muscley God. His voice rang through my phone speakers…

“Morning Faggot, I woke you to do what you're supposed to do for me, so put your phone against the mirror and then pick up a glass, smack down that erection you got looking at me you slutty little btich and then piss into the glass for me… that’s a good boy. “

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Fag Slave Booty Call

I quivered a little with his command, worried about what he would have me doing, knowing and expecting what I wanted to happen. I stood back and slipped my pyjamas down... then my boxers and pulled out my tiny faggot boi clitty… and Mikey laughed at me, I could see him curling a dumbbell and laughing and grunting at the same time, what a cruel fucker he was. I popped my tiny clitty onto the rim of the cold glass and waited, the shame of Master Mikey watching me and me looking at my pitiful self in the mirror gave me stage fright and the piss just would not flow…I took a moment, Master Mikey shouted,

“Come on faggot, you can piss in that glass, you have watched me do it so many times over you, what do you need, shall I come over there and milk your piss out bitch... DO IT NOW!! Or I am driving over to yours and I will kick the fuck out of you… in fact... you now owe me $10 …. Is that piss coming, no …. Ok now you owe me $20…”

Faggot Pissdrinker Tom

He counted and I froze knowing I had no options, dammit my piss needed to come, but my fright was keeping it in... then I heard $50 dollars and the piss started to flow but Master Mikey kept counting… I finished just after Master Mikey shouted and jeered $100 dollars. Then Master Mikey looked at me… asked me to hold the glass up near the phone, a strong yellow piss filled glass with my feeble hands wrapped around it… then he shouted “Now drink it fag slave” and I felt a deep ache in my groin and my boi clitty twitch for him… so I lifted the glass up to my nose… the stink of piss wafted into my nostril, my mind filled with shame... what would my mother think if she ever found out… what would my colleagues think if they ever found out… I had never heard of a fag slave Head of IT that loved to drink it’s piss for its 22 year old Master while also running global operations for a well-known SAAS company… it would be quite the story if it ever came out… I stopped my mind. Looking deep into Master Mikey’s eyes I took a sip, the yellow of the piss running smooth over my lips... the first gulp stunk of piss and stank of shame... Master Mikey laughed hard, showing his approval by curling his large dumbbell in my face… I took another gulp and he laughed more and egged me on, and then looking in to the phone, he shouted “Now finish the glass, cunt” and I took a huge gulp and slammed the glass down shivering with shame and excitement… I was his.. and he could do anything he wanted to me as he said, “Now fag slave, I want you to put that $100 dollar bill inside an envelope and post it to me…I will be waiting to receive it you little faggot, then go and get back in bed fucker!!”


Fag Slave Unable To Touch Clitty

I switched off the phone tell Master Mikey I was his obedient and loving slave and faggot for him to do anything he wanted with, and got the money ready before jumping into bed… lying there in the cold of the night... I had a tiny hard boi clitty…but I dared not touch it as Master had not given me permission. I lay there all night just looking at the hard little clitty…twitching and aching for my Master Mikey.

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