Fag Slave Testimony

Fag Slave Testimony Professor M
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Slave Testimony

I, Master Mikey post the testimonies of my faggot slaves, to tell the tales they are unable to communicate. See, how I enjoy my slaves and use them for my needs. This episode is in the words of Professor M, a university lecturer and now one of my faggot slaves, it has dreamt of a life of servitude, a life of offering itself fully to a Master, and I am that opportunity in its life.

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Fag Slave Reality

“Master Mikey is a brutal war lord in my life, and no matter where I go, I cannot escape his grip. “

I have spent all my life looking for an authority figure, a powerful man to reduce me to the faggot slave scum I have always seen myself as. I grew up in a tough Irish family with an overbearing father for whom nothing I ever did was good enough. I worked hard to please, but was never close to the mark. I excelled academically but was a total failure within my family, which led me to grow apart from them and delve into counter cultures which I found to be natural homes for my personality.

It was not until my thirties and having lectured for several years that I got into the BDSM fetish scene through a chance meeting with a student. The student was a goth presenting individual and we spoke often about the life and the culture around it. I was invited to visit fetish conventions and soon grew to find a family that comforted me in the scene. All through my 30’s I explored the many aspects of the fetish life and tried out all sorts of roleplay, but the one that I found myself most drawn to was service, and specifically to a younger Master. Several more years passed while I explored this fetish for younger dominant men, until I realised that it was serving them fully that attracted me most. I wanted in my heart to be of use to someone, and I wanted that someone to be much younger than me, a youth filled Master, someone that could show me how I had wasted my life but how I could redeem myself through serving them. The age was a major factor... I loved the idea of being made to serve by a younger Master, forced to submit physically and mentally.

Alpha Master Overpowers Fag Slaves

I considered myself intelligent and thoughtful, but I wanted a Master that would be able to intellectually bend me and force me into debate contradictions and make me stammer and change my position, intellectually overpower me and force me to accept I was wrong, before physically taking me as he wished. I had seen female dommes over the years, but they were just not powerful enough, there was something about the immense male Alpha Master energy that I needed to over power me. If I really wanted, I could force myself to believe a woman could overpower me, but I knew it was not the truth and never could be, so I needed the truth, a young physically powerful Master who I knew could actually overpower me, and really threaten and force me to think of my own mortality.

I first came across Master Mikey searching online for powerful Alpha Masters, and his profile stood out immediately. I contacted him, and over time he made me realise that he was the one to take me to this place I needed to go. I arranged a sabbatical from the university I lectured in, and within 5 weeks I was inside Master Mikey’s large ground floor apartment in South East Asia.


Faggot Slave Arrives To Serve

Upon arriving to his home, I was greeted by a petite French maid, who told me that I should leave my clothes by the door, and head through to a room in the back of the home. It felt odd but also exciting that I was finally where I needed to be… I sat in a cold dark room waiting for Master Mikey. An hour passed and no one had come to attend to me…it felt colder then when I arrived, as though someone had put the air-conditioning down several notches. My nipples hardened and my faggot clit vanished inside my body and then I heard a knock, and then footsteps... and then a large figure standing in front of me…. It was Master Mikey. He was a strongly built Master, and so young, in our communications he had told me he was 22 but he could have passed for 18, the guilt and shame of this situation started to sink in…but then he reached out his hand, and put it on my shoulder…”are you ready to serve me fag slave?”  to which I quivered back “yes sir” my teeth chattering a little.

He pulled me to stand up, and looked me up and down, examining me like a farmer examines a cow before purchasing it…he stretched my arms and opened my legs to flick my boi clitty, I wanted to tell him that I had a 4 month sabbatical which I wanted to spend here in his service, but before I could utter a word, his big thick fingers dashed into my mouth and his face got close to mine as he rummaged around my mouth, around my teeth, up into my gums, as though looking for something, it was then that I could see that he was not looking at my eyes or even at me, he was looking to me like an object , not like a human…I was falling in love already.

Master Mikey Inspects Fag Slave

Master Mikey’s powerful hands then pulled me across the room to a bench, where he bent me over the bench and pulled my cheeks apart, then he stood me up, and moved my arms up and down. It felt like a physical exam being conducted but I just listened, followed and observed the commands given. Just as suddenly as it had started, it stopped, and he turned to the door, and from a side table picked up a face cage that I had not noticed when I arrived. He pulled my head towards himself and put the facial leather and metal cage on my face. At the front of the cage there was a ball on an extended post, which needed to fit into my mouth for the whole mask to press against my face and then be strapped behind my head… therefore ball gagging and masking me simultaneously. As I felt the pull of the last leather strap behind my head, I felt an ache in my jawline, my mouth was stretched further then I normally had it with this huge ball in my mouth. Next, I saw Master Mikey pull out dual leather mitt cuffs which chained my hands together and connected them to a waist strap, which forced my hands to remain by my side at all times, tied and tight.

I was then marched out of the room, and across the home, to what looked like a living area with screens on the wall, and a dining table. Next to the dining table was a metal cage, like something a dog would sleep in, and I was told to climb into that. Once inside the cramped metal cage, I was told to await further commands, and that if I needed the toilet I should poop and piss on the cage floor, and then he was gone… off out into another room. I spent the rest of the day in that cage alone, until I eventually fell asleep wondering and confused about what would be happening next.

2am I was awoken by a banging on the metal of my cage. I was startled at first by the torchlight being shone in my face, and then the commands being barked at me… and then it was silent again. Maybe my Master was a mentally ill murderer, and what had I signed into here... I was worried for the rest of the night.

Day 2 Of The Fag Slaves Real Life

Hearing footsteps, I kneeled up as far as I could inside my cage, and unable to speak, still gagged I waited for Master to instruct. I watched as he sat and had his breakfast, he looked impeccable in his suit and shiny shoes, and then he walked over to me with his briefcase in hand. and without saying a word he taped a chore list to the outside of my metal cage and then walked off. I could hear him in the distance talking to the French maid and I thought I heard him say that she should release me to do the chores, and this was confirmed when 20 minutes later she arrived and opened my cage. The maid then undid my hands but left my cage mask on which meant that my mouth was constantly gaping. The maid then walked off and I rushed to the toilet to relieve myself before anyone saw me.. but just as I felt I was empty; I heard the maid’s footsteps behind me... “Master Mikey will not be happy” she said and then walked off. I returned to my cage and the chore list, all of them were household chores, all very easy and simple looking but a lot of them… definitely not something I could complete in one day, but solemnly and silently, gagged I started... I spent the entire day in silence doing chores.

The Alpha Master Returns

It was late when the Master came home, and I was cleaning the floor when he arrived. He walked past me, sat on the sofa and then slipped of his shoes, and then gestured for me to come over to him, this was the first time he had paid any attention to me... so I was excited to please him, and rushed over… he gestured down to his feet, so I knelt down and did what I think he wanted, and started to pull off his socks. His feet were beautiful and I started to rub and massage them, slowly at first, while he relaxed back, switched on the tv and flipped open his laptop. Master Mikey then gestured me to start using my mouth to massage, and slowly at first, I went down further and started kissing his toes, little kisses at first, but lots of them all over the top of his foot, and then the toes and then all around his arches and then his heels. Looking up every so often I noticed that he was not even looking at me, he was taking my mouth for granted, in the same way that one would not thank a foot spa for being an amazing foot spa, he was just using me... and I, like a filthy needy fag slave cunt was getting a rock hard twitching clitty between my legs, and all by licking his feet…... if my clitty was aching and leaking, just licking his feet, what would being fucked by this God do to me? I was in heaven.

Leftovers For Faggot Slaves

My licking eventually ended and Sir Master Mikey put a collar around my neck so that he could leash me easier and walked me back to my cage. Master Mikey then went off for a shower and returned, bathed and smelling perfumed to the dining table. He sat down and went through his phone, ignoring me totally, because why would you talk to the furniture, until the maid walked in with a plate of food, it smelt delicious as I had not eaten since the morning when the maid last fed me in my dog bowl. Mikey enjoyed the meal while speaking with friends on the phone, I just sat in my cage by the side of the dining table waiting and hoping. Finally, Mikey got up and stood over my cage, and turning his large food plate over he emptied the remaining bones, gristle and fat along with a few broccoli stalks into my cage and over my head. I knew the inhumanity of this moment, and I felt a shame like I have never felt in my life, but at the same time, I felt I was in the right place for the first time in my life. Master Mikey deserved the best, he worked hard at his young age to achieve all this success, and a beast of burden like me, a simple fag slave even at my age of 43 had not achieved anything close to this. I was surely lucky to be eating his leftovers, spit and anything else he wanted to put on me or in me. I was grateful for it all.

Best Time Of Faggots Life

Spending 4 months with Master Mikey in total slave servitude and ownership, made me feel a completeness that I had lacked all my life. During those 4 months, I learnt to stay silent as he had me ball gagged 24/7, and over weeks this caused my jaw to widen, making it easier for him to pump my throat without my tongue and teeth getting in his way.

I learnt to bend to his will, all the time, there was no time for my needs, and no time to think about silly things like freedom, or dignity, as my days were taken with chores and my nights and weekends taking in personal sexual services for the Master.

I learnt that an Alpha must get its needs met, otherwise it’s a dangerous beast to be around, as I found out when the Master beat me black and blue with his belts for soiling my cage. Each swing of the belt that landed cleaning across my flesh, liberated my fag mind a step more, with each lash I was cleansed of my foolish ideas, with each lash another layer of my ego vanished.

On several occasions the Master was unimpressed with my expression when asked to do something and so the Master would kindly pull me aside and choke me out, causing me to “fall asleep” as he called it. On some of those occasions I woke with my clothes thrown out beside me, and a salty taste deep inside my belly, but I smiled knowing that Master had taken what was his.

I now know what it means to be a good fag slave having served a true Master.

At the end of my 4 months, I was shown to the door by the maid, the Master was not even there on the day I left. Master Mikey having used and abused and taken everything from me, was so uninterested in my leaving, that he made no reference to it at all, even in the days coming up to the day I was leaving.

As I left the property, I watched a cab pull up outside, and a middle-aged man exited the cab being escorted by a young French maid. I smiled again to myself, knowing that nature had a way of showing every creature the hierarchy of men, real men and faggots.

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