Fag Slaves

Slave Faggots
By Master Mikey

Slavery for fags

Fags need management and that can happen in so many ways, mostly online, real-time and in session form. These are all ways to manage fags and their never ending needs. There is also another way of managing these faggots, and that is through the total control and management of these creatures and its called SLAVERY

I own fags mentally and physically whether they like it or not, and they do my bidding whenever I ask them too. I have them sitting, standing, facing the wall, standing in the rain, whatever I want. Sometimes my requests are cruel and menacing, sometimes they are purely sexual. 

As one of my slaves you are simply an object to me, an object which I can do whatever I want with. Some of my fags are just fuck fags, and that is all I do with them, just fuk them senseless and then drop them off on the street corner to earn me money as whores. 

Always remember that as a Master I am selfish and only care about my desires, your feelings and needs are of no consequence. You are here to serve me.

You my dear slave fag, are the lowest of the low. I will set you tasks, lock you up, send you out on work release to earn money for me, and then lash you severely if you do not perform. A slaves life is not easy or fun, but it is fulfilling because you know that you no longer need to think for yourselves, its not your burden to decide anything anymore. I handle it all. 

Some of you slaves I will turn into paypigs, and other will just be domestic servants, but all of you will serve your purpose with vigour and passion in an effort to always keep me happy. 

For those of you that are lucky enough to be a slave in my slave pit, it will not be “12 years a Slave” but more an entire lifetime a slave.

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