Fag Training At Truckstop

Fag Training At Truckstop
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Fag Training

You are a worthless faggot and I know what worthless fags need, control, management and fag training. Fag training is the most important one of them all. This is why I have set up my truckstop training camp for fag boi’s like you. Fag boi’s like you, always dream about the faggot life, but rarely do you ever truly know what that fag life means. You dream, and jerkoff about serving Masters, but how many of you actually get to serve a true Master, or know what that sacrifice means in your life? Very few I can tell you, because most of you fag boi’s are just dreaming, fantasizing about a life you have heard about on twitter, and this is the single reason I created my truckstop training. In my truckstop training camp for fags, I have a portacabin setup at a busy truckstop which also has a gas station, and sports bar within walking distance. This truckstop is used by heavy hauliers from across the state and country, and at this stop, they normally sleep over in their truck cabins for a night or sometimes 2 nights. This is my fag training ground.

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Truckers Used For Fag Training

All these truckers are hardworking blue-collar men, some from the country, some from cities, all used to harsh lives on the roads, theses are meat and potatoes type guys that like their beer cold and their women wet. Most, if not all are straight dudes, but under the right circumstances they can be convinced of the benefits of using a faggot and keeping their straight guy badges intact. This is why I like to train my fag boi’s here in this truckstop, because these guys will not give any leeway or take any shit. These guys will use that fag how its supposed to be used and abused and not pander to the fags needs for emotional support and hugs after being fucked. This is a harsh training camp for fags that want to reach the next level.

The First John

The first john is always the hardest, especially when you have never been bred in public, or used like a little slut in public. However, do not worry, the pain will subside in time. You will take my direction faggot and I will tell you which truck to walk up to and knock on the door, the door will open and the trucker will let you in, some will have you in the front cabin, and others have their trucks setup so that you can head straight back into the trailer, depends on the trucker and how many whores they use on their journeys, and I have worked with lots of them, and they are all quite different. You will service them however they want, suck cocks, lick assholes, listen to their sad stories, entertain them and then eventually take their dirty fat loads in your face. You will do this good fag training truck after truck, earning and learning for me. After every trick you will come back to basecamp where I will take the cash from your cum drenched fingers and then I will send you out again to the next stop. You will do this from 9pm until 5am when the café opens and we have stop selling your fag booty or risk being thrown off the truckstop. I am going to be your Master and your pimp, and therefore I will ensure that you get as many tricks through the night as possible, and you will commit to being as flexible and professional as you can, while being railed by dirty truckers.

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Fag Training Parties

I am going to warn you that some of these truckers pay for parties, and by parties I mean a group of them will get together in the back of one trailer and hire you for a few hours, and then they will all take goes on you, you need to be able to do that, willing and prepared to be savaged, these men are not gentle, they are not going to buy you flowers or call you princess, they are going to throw you around the trailer, and rape play with you, at least they will think its play, you might not.

What Fag Training Means To You

Know something really important, and that is that you are trailer trash fag pussy in this situation and you just need to be willing to do whatever it takes to make me happy. Therefore, you will do whatever these truckers want, so if they want to fuck you in a group, then you do it and do it well boi. Most of the time these truckers just want blowjobs, but some of them are a little more adventurous, and dream of hornier things, those are the johns that you really want to play for their cash, and maybe one of them will want to marry you, and then we can make some real trick ass money using your broken fag boi pussy.

Always remember that this is a training camp for fags, it’s all just training, so all the fucking and sucking you do here in this truck stop is preparing you to make the ultimate sacrifice and serve me fulltime. So put on your makeup, get dressed in your sexiest lingerie, smile and get ready to suck and fuck your way to the top of my fag boi list… go on little slut… get to it and get me that cash.

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