Faggots Always Kneel For Masters?

Faggots Always Kneel
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Should Faggots Always Kneel

Fags Question

I am a faggot, does that mean I should always kneel for Masters?

Master Mikey's Alpha Answer

Kneeling is a sign of respect, a sign that you are lowering yourself beneath a more powerful and respect worthy person, in your case a Master or domme. Kneeling is the least that a faggot can do before its Master. I have seen some faggots that will take respect for their Masters to the level that they will prostrate themselves on the floor in front of their Masters to show that they have the utmost respect and reverence for them. As I say, kneeling is something that should be an absolute minimum show of respect, faggots always kneel if they know what is good for them. So all you faggots out there that are asking whether you should kneel, YES cunts, you should be down on your fucking knees begging, only looking up occasionally to make sure the Master you worship is still standing there. 

Bussy Boi

Kneeling In Modern Culture

So many people think kneeling is reserved for prayer or worship, and they would be correct, because fags are worshipping, its an act of worship to kneel before a superior man. In fact, all you fags reading this, get down on your knees now, and read from that position, show your role now, to me, Master Mikey. Good fags, well done, now tribute me faggots!!!!

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