Faggots Looking To Be Owned

Faggots Looking To Be Owned
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Fags Looking For Ownership

I always write from the perspective of an Alpha Master, which is me of course, but I know that faggots also have a mind, albeit a small one, and desires, albeit inconsequential ones, so todays post is about faggots looking to be owned, and the play book around looking for ownership. A faggot that has realised its need to serve and that it must serve, is considered a fully realised or elevated faggot, because it has made that distinction. The next stage of evolution for that faggot is to find an owner or a place to be a servant fag for a Master or Masters.

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Preparing For A Masters Brutality

Each Master has his own way of ruling faggots, but me for example, I love to own and destroy my faggot’s minds over time. I enjoy the feeling of learning how my fag looks at the world, so that I can work out the best angle of attacking its mind. I enjoy being the predator to my faggot’s prey. I take my time watching my faggot prey, because as I have described before, I am a fulfilled Master, and therefore a fag has little to offer me in reality. I watch and I learn how the fag behaves and how it understands the world around it, and then I slowly wrap my long sinewy fingers around its brain, and eat its soul from the inside out, tearing at the flesh with sexual power unknown to the faggot, before meeting me. Once I have devoured a faggot’s mind, its soul is mine forever and then I assign it tasks to perform for me or other Masters that I choose for it to serve. It becomes just another faggot in my fag army.

Some Masters are more physical then mental, and they will spend more time abusing the fag’s flesh and using it sexually. Those Masters are less excited by the fag’s mind. For these Masters the faggots must train their flesh for physical labour and abuse, both sexually deviant abuse and labour chores around the house or garden.

As you can see, not all Masters are made the same, some stand apart, and I consider myself an Alpha Master that stands apart and alone from the rest.


Are You Faggot Enough?

Each fag must ask itself this question, are you faggot enough for the lifestyle that you think you want? Can you handle the realities of being a faggot, If the real situation excites you, then you must look for a Master that will train you and use you to your limits, and you must be prepared to be used and abused to your limits. I discuss this in training your fag slaves which although aimed at Alpha Masters training their fags, is still a good step plan for faggots to understand the Masters expectations.  

However, not all faggots are able to handle the reality of being used and abused, some are too weak mentally and physically to take that abuse. In which case is it the mind games and the fantasy of being toyed with by a Master that excites you? If this what you want then seek out Masters like me, that will take you to the edge of your mind without throwing you off into the abyss via online sessions and cam time. You must still be prepared for this type of engagement as a Master of distinction will not entertain a faggot that is too novice to play these dangerous mind games and fuckery. I examine the mental stability of each fag that approaches me and make a judgment call about whether they are capable of playing with me, and if I consider them worthy to be my faggot, or faggot enough, then I will allow them to step forward into the dark realms.

Approaching An Alpha Master

Faggots looking for Masters should read online; discuss with people they know and spend time researching the Masters they want to approach. Each Master has their own style, and each Master must be respected and spoken to accordingly to their rank. I expect faggots that approach me to call me Sir or Master and to explain clearly what and who they are before I will engage with them. Fags can skip the line with me and tribute generously to be considered sooner, but the quality of the answers given will still be important, as I am an Alpha Master that loves to play with minds and bodies together, so your mental capacity or lack thereof is very important to a Master like me. Other Masters may be less interested in speaking with you and desire your cash more, each to their own. You as a faggot must understand what you seek before you reach out.

Faggots Must Be Useful

Above all else, never forget that you are an object, a thing, a play toy for a real Master, and therefore above and beyond all else you must be useful. In your desire to be owned, and to be part of a Masters life, you must make sure that you will be of use to HIM. Look upon yourself, and ask, what will I be able to do for a great Master, a Master of distinction, a real Master like Master Mikey, what will I be able to offer HIM. Look inside your crusty broken heart when you ask this question, and if the answer to the question is nothing, then walk away, throw yourself away, leave these ideas of being a faggot aside, pretend that you had a moment of madness and return to your normal life.

If the answer is that you are able to be useful, then welcome, for there are many Masters including me out here in this wide world waiting to take hold of you. Step forth boldly and show us what your made off faggot cunts.

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