Faggots Refuse Masters

Faggots Refuse Masters
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Fags Question

I am an older fag, been a fag all my life so I have been through lots of Masters in my time. I have served financially and with tasks, been the best fag I can be, but one thing that bothers me is when I refuse a Master, I don't do it often, but occasionally I just don't feel the Masters physically or their vibe, but then I am ridden with guilt, help?

Master Mikey's Alpha Answer

You are a faggot, the burden bearer of all real men, that which was designed by nature to serve real men, be the thing that provides pleasure to real men. Serving real men is your only purpose, but having said all of that, I understand the nature of a faggot, the true underlying character of a faggot, and in its own way a faggot is driven by its own selfish needs. A faggot will do anything and everything to obtain the pleasure that sustains it, whether its licking the asshole of an alpha, or worshipping the feet of a Master, the faggot revels in deviant pleasures, all the time its clit twitches madly. 

Bussy Boi

Faggots Refuse Master That Displease Their Senses

The faggot is driven by lust, the lust of the eyes and the ears, and no matter how worship worthy the Master is, if the faggots eye is not drawn to the Master, and its mind drawn to the words of the Master, then the faggot loses interest quickly.

I have managed many faggots, lost and gained faggots over these last few years, and the lesson I have learnt is that although the faggot is a lowly beast, it must still be kept interested. I know to some Masters you will read this and believe this to be the opposite of what a Master must do, but I am a Master and I control all that I put my fist upon, and I know that managing people requires work, no matter if its in the office, or in a dark den of lust. Faggots are objects, and even objects must be positioned correctly or realigned to best serve their purpose. 

So in answer to your question boi, you should feel guilt, as anything that prevents you from serving your purpose is taking you in the wrong direction, even if it means you must go against the desires of your eyes, you should try to serve. If, however you should fail and reject a Master, then I say a penance must be served, and that is to offer yourself twice over to other Masters and to do more depraved things. You must specifically do things you have been avoiding, and once that penance is served, continue as a faggot serving real men. 

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