Faggots Will Be Faggots

Faggots Will Be Faggots
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A Faggot A Day Keeps The Doctor Away

The world is in turmoil, war and famine rages and Europe is in flames, but the one thing that never changes is the state of faggots, because a faggot will be a faggot for all time. A faggot is a universally decrepit creature, one that has needs that must be met come rain or shine, and luckily for all the faggots of the world, I am the Master that tends to those needs in all weathers. I am an all-weather universal Master, not just a fair-weather Master. I care not, for the conditions of the world, for they will change as the course of history changes, but the faggots and twinks and femboys, they cannot be ignored and left to rot alone, they must continue to be used and harvested for their money, labour and their flesh.

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Paypigs Harvested For Cash

At the start of Jan 2022, I had 2 paypigs meet me in the city of London, in a very well-known High-street where I had them walk to a busy ATM with me and withdraw cash, and then hand it over to me, in front of lots of people, mostly tourists that looked on in surprise. Each of these paypig fags was made to endure the other performing for me, and each of them had to bear the shame of knowing that I could type in any numbers I wanted to withdraw, and they really had no choice in what was taken and what was left in their accounts. The worry on their little pink piggy faces was priceless. I am sure that onlooker watching me standing over my paypigs would have worried about what was going on, but I don’t ever care about that, because when a member of the public confronts me in that situation, my paypigs are quick to state that I am their Master and that I am taking their money, always gives me a chuckle to see the subservience at play.

I know there are some amongst you readers who would cast judgement, because that is the human condition, and you would be totally wrong in casting judgements on situations and relationships you have no understanding off. I have an amazing job that consumes my vanilla life and rewards me very considerably, so this is not about money. My paypigs are mine, and all mine. I own them like you would own cattle, and therefore I choose to do with them whatever I want and whenever I want. As they squirm giving their money to me, as they wriggle not knowing where their next meal will come from, they also revel in the joy and excitement of gambling, rolling the dice on the table of life. So, all you that judge me and my pigs, enjoy that judgement within yourselves, because neither does it change my pigs nor does it affect my willingness to manage my den. A faggot will always be a faggot no matter what, and when that faggot is also a paypig, then that faggot will show itself to the world in the only way that it knows, financial slavery and submission.

Faggot Throated

March 2022 has been an eventful month already, it started when I had a message from a faggot based in KL who said that reading my material had driven it insane with lust and all that it wanted was to worship and praise and be in my company. I took this messaging with a pinch of salt because I get lots of messages such as this, but something about this suggested it was genuine and a faggot looking for real use, so I arranged a visit to a bar so that I could meet and vet this little faggot fuck. I got to a bar late evening and ordered a drink, and as the bartender prepared my drink my guest arrived and tapped me on the shoulder. It was a feeble looking fag in its mid-20s with a slim twink like body a willing and hungry smile and a way about it that said it needed to be used and abused. I talked with it for a few minutes before I got the strongest whiff of weakness on its breath, so I instructed it to head to the toilet and wait in a cubicle for me. I waited 5 minutes, finished my drink, then went into the toilet, worked out which cubicle this faggot twink was waiting in and got inside. Once inside I stared it up and down, slowly raising my hand to reach for its throat…. Running my hands up and down its neck, I could feel it quivering… I asked if it knew what to do, and it did, falling to its knees in a shot. I just watched in semi admiration at how well this faggot knew exactly what to do, it unzipped me, pulled my big fat cock out and started to lick the tip like an expert cocksucker. I wanted to see what it would do, so I grabbed the back of its head and started guiding it down my shaft, at which point, it stopped and looked up at me, “may I speak sir?”  to which I said, of course faggot, and it then said a line I will likely never forget, “I am yours Master, do what you will” , hearing that I grabbed a good handful of the hair on the back of its head and then shoved it down , pushing my cock deep into its throat, it gagged with shock, and I smiled, knowing it was ready to be used, my cock hard and bulging, I proceeded to smash the back of its throat for a full 10 minutes, eventually pressing it against the side of the cubicle to unload the biggest public load I have ever produced straight into its throat.  It gasped and gagged while it tried to work out what was going to happen next, I can imagine it was leaking furiously having taken a huge load, but I simply stepped away and told it to get dressed as I zipped up and walked away. I could feel the desperation in the air, I could smell the wanton desire clinging to its expression... it wanted more, but was now looking at the back of me leaving.

In that moment, when the faggot had been throated, used and discarded, I could have shown more compassion, but to do so would suggest I cared for this faggot in any regard, and I don’t, so I wanted to make that clear to it. I got home 40 minutes later, to a text from the faggot telling me that it was in love with me, and could not wait until the next time I used it. I smiled as I saved its number into my phonebook for future use.

Faggots Will Do What Faggots Do

So the moral of the story is no matter what happens in the world, or what changes in broader society, one thing never changes, the needs of a faggot and also the needs of a Master to use a faggot. Until the next post, stay strong Alphas, and stay kneeling faggots. 

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