Fags Eat Shit

Fags Eat Shit
Master Mikey @ FagLife.com

Fags Eating Shit

Fags are filthy fucking beasts of burden, and the demands they try to exert on a Masters time can be incredible, especially if the Master is not used to dealing with bitching and whining faggots. I deal with these types of fags all the time and each of these pesty fags comes to me with a different set of issues and needs. This post is about fags that eat shit, and I don’t mean metaphorically, I mean literally eat shit, straight out of their own pig shit slots or out of their Masters shit hole. Yes actual shit right out of the A hole.

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Having managed filthy fags for several years now and dealt with them in person, online and over the phone, I have heard and seen all sorts of fag depravity, but still to this day the most extreme, is fags eating shit. I currently have about 10 fags in my den that love to eat shit at every opportunity they have. 5 out of the 10 fags in my den beg me weekly to give them full mouth loads of my glorious brown sludge, but so far, I have refused these filthy cretins and made them do things to each other instead, however the time is nearing when I might make that step into feeding one of my fags personally.

Fag Shit Eating Origins

Some fags want to praise and worship their Masters. Other fags want to clip toenails and trim the hair off ballbags so they can take all the hair and nails and eat them, and others still, want to lick and suck the sweat off their Masters assholes after a workout. Each of these depraved faggot acts is unique and different and personal to the fag that enjoys doing it. There are no limits to how far a fag will go to immerse itself into the life and being of its Master. Shit eating is just another expression of that worship in the almighty Master that rules them. Literally pulling the shit from their own fag holes and then chewing and eating it can be the degradation that the fag needs to feel complete, and to prove to its Master what lowly acts it will do to be obedient. The fags that request to eat my shit almost weekly are also trying to show an obedience and servitude to me, to show how far they are willing to go to serve me. I have so far resisted this act, simply because its totally filthy and because no faggot of mine deserves to eat my shit, not until it has served me more fully then any of them have so far.

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For me to allow a fag to eat from my holy pipe, I would need to see complete and total obedience, and a level of tribute that no fag has yet managed to achieve. For me to bless a faggot’s mouth and belly with my powerful shit, giving them all that nutrition, from my ass directly into their belly would be something special, so its being reserved for the most valuable, loyal and persistent fags.

I have told all my fags that this act is currently unavailable to them, but one day I will choose a worthy faggot to take my first full load, delivered directly into the fags’ mouth. When I get to this stage, I may choose to do this as a group act, and allow several fags to feed from my ass directly, filling them each up before moving on.

Fags Eat Shit Listening To Master Mikey

I have created a set of very special audio files that are designed to be enjoyed by eaters of shit. These files were created to coax and excite and promote fag shit eaters to eat shit as much as possible and enjoy every second. I love the idea that you shit eating fags will sit there with your headphones plugged in, and listen to my voice as you pull small and large pieces of shit from your own filthy shit holes and pop them into your mouth, hearing my voice deep inside your head as you munch down on all that disgusting brown shit. I want you filthy fucking shit eating fags to know that I think you are vile little shit cretins, but I love the fact that you are so depraved that you want to eat my shit. I will feed you all one day, but until then, you will need to settle for my audio.

I do not sell the clips directly on any website, so if you want me to consider sending you a freebie file, then you need to tribute minimum $50 to me directly on Niteflirt, and I want this message when you send me the tribute…   “Shower us with your love, please cover us with your love Master Mikey, for we are your fag servants”

Click the button to tribute fags, and tribute well. When you send your tribute, also send me your email and then wait for your surprise. 

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