Fags Love BBC

Fags Love BBC
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Fags Love BBC (Big Black Cock)

Fags Question

I have worshipped White men and Asian men but Black men do something to me, I cant understand why? 

Master Mikey's Alpha Answer

Fags love BBC, its a well known fact that fags love black cock. There are societal and cultural reasons for this love of black cock. Black men have been seen as strong virile powerful men throughout history, and their physical prowess has been admired and hated in equal measure throughout time. Whether its the fantasy of a black slave or of a black sports person, the power and virility remain. This narrative fuels the sexual fantasies of gay men and fags.

I have met so many fags that have the BBC fantasy and have experienced it for themselves, but so many more who have the fantasy but not the opportunity, so they continue to dream about big black cocks. 

I know that fags love BBC because the massive black cock represents power and control over them, an almighty cock shaped force of creation which can be stuffed up inside them and in some scenarios impregnate and convert them.   

Bussy Boi

Fags Love BBC For The Deviant Possibilities

A fag will dream about deviant acts to commit with a big black cock. You only have to go on Twitter to see the types of faggot dreams that are out there, huge black cock blowjobs and gaping white bussy being ridden by a huge black man with a cock the size of a small child's arm, the possibilities are endless. The deviancy is endless. 

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