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My Master wants me to sign up on Chaturbate to perform and earn, feels like exploitation, should I refuse HIM?

Master Mikey's Alpha Answer

Your Master clearly has a plan, and if he wants you to be a fag on cam, then he has something in mind for you. You should stop this thinking thing that you are doing, and remember that you are a faggot, thinking is for intelligent men, NOT YOU. Moving on from that fundamental mistake, you mention exploitation, really? really? exploitation? How about we come to terms with what you are? you are a faggot, a weak useless feeble creature whose only pleasure in life is serving real men, now with that in mind, how can anything done to you be classed as exploitation? everything you are doing is service, NOT exploitation. 

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The Benefit Of Fags On Cams

Getting over silly definitions and inner feelings of being used, why not really consider being a faggot for a Master and serving in a meaningful way. Go sign up and be a good little faggot, sign up and perform for a Master, earn for a Master, show a Master how useful you really can be. Click here to sign up to be a little faggot for daddy on cams, FagCam Broadcaster Signup

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