Fags Pig Prayer

Fags Pig Prayer
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Pig Prayers

This prayer is dedicated to all those little faggot pigs out there that call themselves paypigs, cashpigs, cashcunts, human atm’s and any manner of other ridiculous pig related entity. You are all worthy and worthless at the same time.

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You pink stinking faggot pigs are worthy because your cash and your assets give you worth. The things you have to offer give the Alpha Masters of this world mean that you have a reason for being. You are desired for what you offer, and for no other reason, you are the sum total of your belongings.

You sweaty unkempt fags are unworthy because no matter what you do, you will never live up to the ideals expected of you, you will always fall short, and you know this. I know your reading this and knowing this to be true, so well done, you are half way there to knowing the true YOU. Worthless useless, outcaste and entertainment for real men.

This pig prayer is dedicated to a special pig that knows who it is.

Fag Pigs Prayer

All ye pink and subordinate fags with squiggly tails, come forth, stand in the town square and announce yourselves.

All ye weak and mentally oppressed cuckold pigs that lay in the corners of the room as your wives’ and daughters are molested by superior men, come to the town square and announce yourselves.

All ye dumb low intelligence givers of useless input and worthless ideas step forward to commune with others of your kind in the town square.

All ye walking currency machines, whose purpose is simply to earn and give to Alphas and real men, step forth with your hands extended, carrying the cash of your sweat, like the wise men carrying frankincense and myrrh to the new-born baby.

All ye broken inferior souls step forth and meet your salvation in the town square, for Master Mikey is in attendance today, and you too shall be cured of all your ills.

Paypig Salvation

There is truly salvation in knowing your purpose, and no matter how lowly and broken a faggot is, coming to terms with your essence is key to a successful and prosperous life. If all that you can offer this world is your cash, then give it freely, and without remorse. If all you can do is serve greater and more powerful men, then serve until your sweat flows like the river Jordan. To all you faggot paypigs out there, try and be more then your shit covered paypig status dictates and stand tall on your trotters, and be counted. There is an Alpha waiting out there for each and every one of you stinking filthy paypigs, and you cash has a natural home in a Masters pockets, go find those pockets NOW!

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