Fags Serve All Types Of Alphas

Fags Serve All Types Of Alphas
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fags Serve Alphas

When a fag is fully in tune with its purpose, it will serve Alpha men completely. Service is a type of worship and penance for the faggot. I have known so many fags that will devote all their time to finding and eventually serving a Masterful Alpha, just because of the power and control that he exerts. The hardest thing to do is find the right Alpha. Each Alpha is different and each fag is different, so a match is to be found, so that both can fulfil their natural places in the circle of life.

Alphas need to distinguish what type of fags they are dealing with, as each of these pesky critters is different and must be managed differently. Once you understand the fetish and inner most desires of your faggot, then you can manage, use , abuse, manipulate that fucker as you need to do.

Alphas Serve fags

Hahaha you thought I was losing it for a moment talking about Alphas serving faggots, hahaha, well Alphas DO NOT serve fags. However, the fag must lay itself at the merciful feet of the right Alpha for it, otherwise it will be a life filled with pain and zero fulfilment of purpose. For the faggot to know which feet it must throw itself at, it needs to understand the basic differences, which I am highlighting below off sexual Alpha category. These are broad header topics, so there are other types, but these cover most Alphas. Alpha MEN come in many shapes and sizes, some are Straight Alphas, Bisexual Alphas, Gay Alphas and all are Real MEN.

Every Alpha exerts a different kind of control and power over the fag, but whatever they exert will always be to the full benefit of the Alpha. The Alphas decisions are always correct when it comes to faggots. Faggots lack the willpower to make sensible decisions and hence need a strong Alpha to manage them. So all fags out there that are considering looking for a Master, read the differences below.

Fags Serving Straight Alphas

Fags that serve straight Alpha men are treated to a unique combination of use, abuse and disdain. Most of the time, the straight Alpha will not venture into any sexual territory with the fag, and the fag is just used and abused for the tool that it is. The fag may be required to do daily chores, or undertake specific tasks around the home or workplace. The fag is essentially a man-nanny to do all the things that the Alpha Master wants it to do. Very occasionally the straight Alpha may step over the line and be convinced to use the faggot sexually. Usually this will go no further then the fag being allowed to service the Alpha cock with its mouth. However, this is quite rare as most straight Alphas love to fuck women, and will not want to use a faggot unless in a really desperate situation. The fag is seen as an unclean beast, and perfect for household tasks but not for sex.

Some Straight Alphas do blur this line by keeping straight relationships but still using the fag’s mouth for blowjobs and its asshole as a cumdump, but this is normally only when their women are not about. In these circumstances, the straight Alpha is strictly speaking, still straight, as long as it does not look upon the fag as anything more than a fuck hole.


Fags Serving Bisexual Alphas

You would think that a Bisexual Alpha would be the ideal scenario for the fag, as it will absolutely have no qualms about using the fag for household chores, but then also for sex. However, my experience with bisexual Alphas that I know, is that because they can have men and women, often the fag will be left aside. The fag sits too low down in the priority list of a bisexual Alpha who is able to feast on all sexes and genders. This ultimately means that less attention is paid to any fags that may be available in the vicinity of a roaming Alpha Man. I know this is a broad generalisation and I make this statement based only on the bisexual Alphas I know, and I say it with the irony that I am one of those mostly straight Alphas that can venture into using faggots like I was fully bisexual. However, its difficult to categorise myself as bisexual as I am only ever able to see faggot flesh as meat to be fucked. There is no emotion or attachment to fags. I use and abuse fags for my needs. Over the last 5 years I have also struggled to categorise myself or label myself, as my own hunger and sexual appetite seems to move back and forth like the ocean between distant shores. 

Fags Serving Gay Alphas

I believe that Gay Alphas are the best suited to managing and controlling faggots because they are naturally targeting men, and fags being the lowest element of this gender, fit perfectly on the menu for gay Alphas. Again, this is a massive generalisation, and I only make this statement based on the Alphas I have known, and know and how they look at the world.

Outside of these categories, there are many variations of Alphas that will switch from one type to another. Faggots need to make sure time is spent watching and learning from the Alpha you want to throw yourself in front of. However, I know that you dumb fags will likely not be able to understand or identify the right type of Alpha for you, and hence you will make mistakes and end up in the wrong hands, and be brutalised and managed until broken.

You will inevitably tribute the wrong Master and ruin yourself in the process. I laugh writing this, because perhaps that is what nature intended all along, at least for some of you. Whatever your fate, read Blackmailed into Anal and know what not to do with your Masters, and certainly not with me!

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