Fart Fag

Fart Fags
By Master Mikey

Inhaling a Masters farts will blow your mind

Some fags are born different, some fags are born special. Fags that fall into these depraved categories are fart fags, scat fags and other devilish types of fags. There is no doubt that the Masters odour's are intense and beautiful, and no matter which orifice they come out of they are to be worshipped but it takes a special kind of slut to lick suck and drink up all the Masters ass smoke. 

Anal smoke

There is nothing quite as intense as the Masters stink. Imagine inhaling, direct from the source. The sweet internal perfume of a Master driven by power and greed. I create the most flavoursome farts for your dirty little fag mouths. Perfectly formed farts that are so intense and pungent that you can taste them in your mouth when I fart right up your nose and deep into your throat. 

Imagine me farting

Your standing in front of me behind a gas station. Kneel you filthy faggot, get onto the dirty floor in front of me, and slowly unzip my pants. You can hear voices in the distance as people fill their vehicles and go in and out of the gas station. Its raining lightly and your knees are getting wet on the floor, its time for you to worship me. I asked you to come here, 30 miles from your home, and kneel before me because I have been building a surprise for you. I will now turn, and lean forward against the wall, allowing you to tuck your face and nose neatly into my ass crack. I want you pressed perfectly allowing your pouting lips to form an O ring around my anal gape. Now get ready, ignore that someone might walk behind the gas station and see you any second now down on all fours with your face pushed into my ass, ignore that. Get ready.. I can feel it bubbling in my stomach.... and its on the way now, and wooosh a huge fart delivered directly into your oesophagus mmmmm

The recoil of your face as you take the big shot right into your throat, the waft engulfing every hole..... your done... so enjoy my Masterful mist, enjoy and savour it all, then get up and go home. When you get home, log onto your computer and make sure you tribute for the blessing that I have bestowed upon you. 

This is a very niche role play so contact me if you dare to play.

Fart specialists in the wild

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