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Femboy Next Door

Feb 2020, the rumours around infectious diseases were everywhere, covid was becoming a byword but the only thing plaguing my mind was the femboy that had moved in next door to me. I watched this boi moving his things in, caught sight of his neat and tidy little suitcases, watched his sisters drop him off, kiss him on the cheek and tell him that he would love the first semester of university. I watched as he bent over to carry his cases, his tight slacks almost tearing as he bent over, and the skin-tight t-shirt he wore revealing that it was cold in the corridor as his nipples poked through. I noticed his cute femme face right away, as something about his cute face and short hair framing his face reminded me of a girl I fucked in school, behind the bike rack. I still remember her because she stuck her tongue so deep down my throat as she struggled to pull my cock out and feed it to her boyfriend... hahahaha yes that was another of my freakish firsts, I fucked a girl in school and her boyfriend used to suck my cock, and she knew about it and encouraged it, she was a real slutty teen and loved every moment of being one. I remember thinking that her cunt was wet 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. I was a selfish teen and used her and her boyfriend as much as I could before we were separated by me leaving that school. I can never say whether I enjoyed her blowjobs or her boyfriend’s blowjobs better, but I can say that I loved it when they both went down and their lips met around my cock, that was the best.

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Femboy Anime

Anyway, I digress, so this cute femboy immediately reminded me of that good memory, so I had thoughts buzzing through my head. I had watched him through my security cam, so he knew nothing about me, until I popped next door later that evening and introduced myself, invited him over for drinks and he agreed. He walked in wearing a quite conservative outfit, much looser than I had seen him wearing before, and something told me that he was trying to play down the real him. So, I casually asked him what he was into as I poured him a glass of wine, and he told me he liked manga cartoons and anime and most things oriental, which I found quite interesting because it again all pointed in the direction of femboys and hentai and anime and all the things that were cool and sexy. As the evening progressed, I edged that conversation along and asked whether he loved the sexualised imagery of femboy hentai material or just the violence and storylines, and he laughed a little and said “well who doesn’t like sexy stuff. And those anime characters are so cute and wear all that sexy gear” I was quick to agree, feeling that I could reel him in with that comfort and agreement, and it worked a treat as he seemed immediately more inquisitive that I was interested in anime and manga. I explained that I had dated a femboy sissy guy and we still kind of worked together / fucked around which meant that I had a good understanding of the sissy femboy femme culture, which again made him more curious and smiley. 5 glasses in and the night was looking promising, he was getting loose with his words and started asking about the campus and where the guys got some ass, and I told him picking up was easy around campus, but then he asked again, “ass, dude?, I mean Ass” then I pretended to understand that he meant Gay boys, possibly fags around the campus, which I told him was also very easy as this was a liberal campus where the undergrads were allowed to be whatever they wanted to be. I followed that statement with telling him that I was not gay but I had experimented with dudes before but that did not make me gay… and he was quick to suggest I was gay which I laughed off because it wasn’t true and I was comfortable in what I was.

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Femboy Outfit

He told me his name was Jorge but he liked to be called Georgina, he considered himself a femboy and very femme all the time, but I asked why he was dressed like a boy then, and he said that it was about being discreet until he understood what the area and culture was like, he had experienced violence before and was keen to avoid being seen with the wrong clothes on or suffering a beating for no reason. I listened and then assured him that being my neighbour, he had nothing to worry about, he smiled and asked if I wanted to see how he really liked to dress, and I agreed. He vanished for a full 25 minutes and then I heard a knock on the door, I opened it to see a beautiful very femme femboy standing there. Georgina was wearing a very tight girls t-shirt top which showed he had his nipples pierced, an immediate turn on, an exposed midriff and a short red pinstripe skirt, he looked like a character out of a femboy hentai anime comic book animation. I was interested in the way he looked and pulled him in, asking him to walk around so that I could see how it all looked in motion, and that was when I noticed he was wearing high heels, strappy and sexy and had thin slender shapely legs. This was the most femme femboy I had ever come across and if you didn’t tell me, I might have thought it was a girl at a glance, amazing.

Georgina had painted her toenails a bright white, and in those heels it all looked so sexy that my cock twitch hard continuously, which Georgina noticed, and asked me smiling whether I liked what I saw, to which I replied that I was very hard just staring at her.

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I pulled her in close to kiss her tight pursed mouth, until she opened and let her tongue slip into mine, dashing around my mouth like a little whore. I picked this femboy up, she was so light, and carried her to the bathroom, resting her down on the counter, where she crossed her legs and just smiled. I gently opened her legs up to take a good close look at her cunt, it was a pretty pink cunt with the tiniest little boi clit you have ever seen. I rolled her hips back as you would with any femboy and pulled her ass cheeks forward to catch a glimpse of her ass pussy, which she covered with her fingers as I stared, so I asked, are you scared, to which she replied that she had never been assfucked by a guy my size, only by another femboy that had a tiny boi clit and so ass pussy fucking was really painless and easy before. I stared into her face and told her that I would take time to wet her cunt up, but that it would hurt no doubt, and she would love the hurt, she smiled and giggled and then jumped off the counter to pull my cock out and put it in her mouth. Her sweet tight boi mouth was so warm, as she rolled her femboy tongue around my massive erect purple helmet. This little femboy slut was so skilled at sucking, it set my mind that a femboy is just a girl locked inside a boy. She not only dressed femme and sexy and cute, but she used her mouth like a little slut, like a woman that has only ever been fucked and only ever had to suck. Georginas mouth was where my cock needed to be all the time. This femboy flicked her tongue around and around my helmet, sliding her lips up and down my shaft, and then laying her flat tongue across my peehole, only to curve the tongue so I could feel downward pressure into my pisshole, she was so skilled with her whore mouth, and I fell in love with her skills and mouth immediately. She then ran her fingers down to my butthole as she sucked up top and gently circled my asshole... and then before I knew where she was, she had shot down and stuffed her tongue deep into my asshole, while skilfully stroking my big cock over the top of her hair and head. She was a wonderful fuck, and I didn't even get to fuck her on this occasion. Unfortunately for me, this is real life and on that day I was not going to get to fuck her asspussy, with all her skilled sucking and licking, I shot a large load, really fast, down her throat,

We then sat and kissed and talked for a bit before I fingered her little tight femboy ass, and then having had my fill for the day, I got up and left. I used that femboy for a good time after that first occasion, just pulling her in whenever I wanted, and the first time I fucked her tight little asspussy was just amazing, but I will leave that story for another post.

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