Femboy In Dictionary
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Meaning of the word Femboy

The word femboy is used primarily for boys and men below the age of 25 that identify themselves as having feminine features and or mannerisms. They are biologically male but prefer to live their lives as female identifying males. The “fem” in femboy is for feminine.

Common usage for the word Femboy

“Femboys rock the online world of hair and makeup”

“Femboys are so hot”

Reclamation of the word Femboy

The term Femboys is not usually used as an insult and therefore it’s not a word that is often reclaimed for needing a positive meaning. The term is very community specific. The femboy community could be considered a counter culture movement which has emerged from the internet era.

Use Of The Word Femboy In FagLife.com

The word femboy is used in Alpha and the Femboy and other posts through this website. 

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