Feminized Husband

Feminized Husband
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Feminized Husband Seed

Every once in a while, I come across couples where one of the partners has malicious intentions toward the other partner and that is always a fun challenge for me. A few months ago, a fag couple ventured into my sphere of influence and were questioning the power of Alpha Masters and how they had always heard about how powerful some Alphas were, and the allure of being in the company of them. I explained to them both together and individually that an Alphas powers were immeasurable and that I had fucked and ruined so many fags just by using them for a few months, they were never the same again. The less masculine fag in the couple was questioning this and I could tell that it had a vindictive personality and a malicious attitude even towards its own partner, so I told it, that one of the most powerful things in all nature was the power and purity of the Alpha seed, and that it had feminizing power, which, if I wanted to could create a feminized husband. This arrogant fags eyes lit up, and then it pointed across the room to its partner and said.. “Can you feminize that cunt” to which I replied, without doubt, not only could I feminize it, but it would start to display outward biological changes, this just excited the faggot, which was surprising considering that these 2 fags were married.

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Alpha Seed Feminizing Power

So, I set up a plan to create this faggot into a feminized husband, and to set the scene, I told the faggots that I was going to use them both, which even though they were married, they were open to, because they were faggots and knew that individually they had roles to fulfil when an Alpha beast like me was around. They had both been subservient to Masters in the past, before being a couple, and during being a couple, they had an understanding that they were both ultimately faggots and needed to serve a higher power, even if they were in a relationship, which worked really well for me.

So, each week I had the arrogant faggot around, and because it was an arrogant little fucker, I slapped it around, fucked it in the ass, and then tied it up for long periods of time which it thought was part of the game of being in my service, but actually all I was doing was taking out some rage on this arrogant fuck face faggot. Then every alternative Wednesday I would have its partner around, the one that I was going to make into a feminized husband, and I would have it edge me for hours, long pleasure sessions where the edging would literally have me seeping and so full with cum that I was ready to burst. After these long edging sessions, I would tell the fag that it was going to get a treat and I would tie it up on my fuck and massage table, and then tilt the table back so that its head was much lower down then its feet, and then I would open its legs wide, spit on its dirty cunt.. and start fucking it hard as I could, until eventually I shot a massive edged cum load deep down into its asspussy. Now you might be wondering why the table, and why the tilt, and why the edging? And you would be right to wonder, and I shall explain the reason and need for each element.

The edging adds to the creation of the feminized husband because it concentrates the amount of cum that sits inside the balls, tubes and cock, and it keeps on filling up my cock until I am at the point that I am so full, that its seeping out the tip. At this point, any more edging simply creates cum that has nowhere to go, and so at that point I am ready to impregnate the faggot.

The table adds to the creation of the feminized husband because without realising it, the table is a metaphor for the birthing table/bed that a woman lays on when giving birth to a child, they are laid out on their backs, and in the same way this faggot is laid out on its back, legs wide apart ready to take the masters load, which I am loaded up and ready to deliver.  The table allow me to pump down into the faggot without the worry of the faggot moving as I do my job.

The tilt adds to the creation of the feminized husband because it means that I can get the deepest cum load delivered furthest up inside the faggot, and because of the tilt, none of it will drip out of the faggot’s cunt. Every last drop of my seed is pumped deep inside the faggot, so that it can get to work.


Feminized Husband – Seed Science

Once I deliver a huge cum load of concentrated alpha seed deep inside a faggot cunt, it immediately sets to work on changing the faggot. First effect of a cum load like that is the chemical changes it evokes. The faggot’s body has never had such an extreme protein and testosterone load injected directly into it, which confuses the already confused fag body into thinking that its over producing testosterone, and it simply stops producing it. A regular weekly cum load like this will within a few months completely stop the production of testosterone in that fag’s body. At this point the fags body begins to malfunction, and the trace amounts of oestrogen in the faggot’s body is amplified because of the lack of testosterone. This creates a massive imbalance, which the fags body tries to correct by overproducing oestrogen. The boosted production of oestrogen over the course of several months leads to a softening of musculature, growth of breasts, and a widening of the hips. The mood of the faggot changes totally, and it’s a noticeable change with more hot flushes and mood swings that change by the hour. All this leads within a few short months to a fag that is visibly less hairy, more emotional, beginning to act like and look like a female. This is how powerful alpha seed is in nature, and especially my powerful Master Mikey Alpha Seed.

Feminized Husband Challenge Won

So having worked on the two fags in the way described above, within 6 months I ended up with one arrogant faggot that was markedly less arrogant but a lot more bruised and beaten by me, and the other faggot which looked like a pretty young lady. I convinced it to start dressing femme and that it was the way forward for it. I also convinced them that they were not a suitable faggot couple because of how evil and selfish the arrogant faggot was, and instead of taking my advice and fixing themselves it ran out and cheated on its partner bringing that relationship to a rapid end.

Now in all good tales, there is a happy ending, and certainly that is true here, because I got rid of the arrogant faggot, and I kept the feminized husband around for future fucks, and I have been fucking it ever since.

The moral of this tale is that there is no greater power of creation in the universe then the Alpha Masters Seed, it is truly the origin of LIFE. The alphas cum load can create life, where none exists.

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