Find A Paypig

Find A Paypig
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How easy is it to find a paypig? Well, it can be very easy if you know where to look, and are willing to put in the time and effort to understand where these little piggies live. Paypig men have always existed, and by that, I mean that there have always been men out there that are willing to spend their hard-earned cash on women. In many instances these are women that would otherwise be unobtainable to them, and in many instances its because these men love the feeling of serving a “Goddess” type women who rules over them.

Finding a Paypig is half the battle, being a good enough domme or Master that the Paypig wants to pay you is the major battle. 

Finding Paypigs means taking the time to understand the niche and the world of Paypig men. In the old days, there was messenger services and forums where men and sometimes women would play out all their desires, but over the years the sexual landscape for expression has changed wildly and with it the avenues for expressing sexuality have opened the door to all types of latent sexual expressions. 

Paypig Types

Men willing to give cash to women have been here since the dawn of time and most likely even before money existed. There are many names for paypigs and most are interchangeable. Below are some of the titles,


This is a generic overarching term that covers all and any men that want to give money gifts tributes to women for their sexual or non-sexual gratification. The act of giving the money or cash or gifts is often more than enough gratification to allow them to feel fulfilled. A Paypig literally pays for the lifestyle and interests of his women. There is very often a humiliation and degradation element that accompanies the giving of money or gifts and this can sometimes lead on to cuckolding and objectification or other types of closely related fetish behaviours.


A Human ATM is a specific type of Paypig that considers himself an object or less then an object. A Human ATM knows that his only worth is the cash that he can provide the women, as literally an ATM, a place to withdraw or drain cash. Human ATM’s derive pleasure and satisfaction knowing that they are being used as an object with no consideration of anything else. Very often humanATM individuals like the feeling of visiting a real ATM to have their cash be withdrawn. 


A cashslut is a Paypig with a far more sexual approach to pig behaviour. A cashslut will typically be giving cash for sexual release of some form. Cashslut is also often a degradation term to objectify and humiliate a sissy fetish individual or someone that likes to play out the sex for favours fantasies. Cashsluts in many instances want to be seen as whores or sexual deviants.


Cashpig is the same as paypig and are just individuals that love to be drained of their money or love to give gifts and tributes to women, sometimes in return for nothing more than being humiliated.

How to Find a PayPig

In the old days (6 years ago) finding a paypig was a much harder task, but still not impossible. However now with the rise of social and interactive media, putting the message out that you want to pay for women will certainly attract lots of attention.

The simplest way is to create a catchy twitter or Instagram handle and then put a nice descriptive bio in place using words and phrases like cashpig paypig and humanatm wanted, along with master mistress or goddess to define yourself and you will find that you’re the target of lots of attention, wanted or unwanted. You will need to get rid of a ton of poor wannabes that like the idea of findom, but simply do not have the means to play. The process is simple to start but definitely takes skill to refine and conquer. Future posts will help you to create killer profiles to help you win the paypigs you can only dream off that deliver $10k plus a month to some findom artists. If you want to see what I do with some of my paypig faggots, read Paypig Cashcunt for an idea of what it really all looks and sounds like. 

Learn to spot Good Paypigs

Whatever you do, learn how to spot the good paypigs. This is a process of setting simple tasks in relation to the paypigs approach and initial discussion, all of which end in some form of commitment. For example have an unblock target, or a dm (direct message) target, so the prospective pigs know there is a cost to approaching you, some will still ignore this, but you must then ignore them.

You must enforce a set of rules which you stick too, just as a dog must be taught rules by example, so must a paypig never be allowed to think they will get freebies or have the rules bent for them. In short a good paypig will follow the rules from day one. The bad paypigs or incapable paypigs will come to you with stories and “but if you just give me …” nonsense, which defeats the purpose of being a paypig. These useless paypigs don’t even know what it means to be a paypig, and your not the person to teach them, let them go away early and focus your time and comment / discussion effort on the good ones. There will be days where it feels like there is no good ones, but stay strict and patient.

Understand your Paypigs Fetish

Each paypig has a fetish that drives them. Find out what that is early. You must then monetise their fetish for them. For example, if the paypig wants to be exposed for being a faggot paypig, then make sure you set the rules of what it costs to be abused and exposed. Set levels for the types of exposure that can be achieved if the paypig can hit the increasing cash target levels. These types of games will keep the paypig happy and paying. Take time to learn the underlying fetish needs of your paypig. This is the difference between keeping and losing a paypig or simply never maximising its financial potential.

Paypigs must Pay for Your Attention

Paypigs by their nature are needy creatures, and hence regardless of the time of day, many paypigs want your attention. Set the expectation upfront that if he wants your attention, it will cost him money. Ensure the paypig knows the cost of your attention early in the relationship. 

Paypigs Are For Life NOT just for Christmas

Finally remember that Paypigs are not just for Christmas, they are for life, so once you have identified and secured a Paypig, take the time to learn and understand it, and work with it to develop the right secure plan to drain it. Keep your discussion and content fresh, and exciting, consider yourself as the Master or Domme as a subscription service that must always provide an amazing service to its subscribers. Do these things well and you will soon find yourself hosting multiple PayPigs at the same time, and getting wealthy in the process. 


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