Finding My Inner Alpha

Inner Alpha Privilege
By Master Mikey

Alpha Admiration

All my life I had been admired by friends for being great at college sports like football, track and wrestling, all very manly pursuits typically associated with young strong men. This meant that every year in my teens I had the pick of the girls and the admiration of the guys. I had always known men liked me too and a few times over the years I had been approached by guys as friends and asked whether I would ever try a guy, in the hope that I would. Normally these were just drunken chats, although one time an older guy walked up to me in a Mall as well.

Growing Up An Alpha Douchebag

Having growing up in the 2000’s I was very comfortable talking about these things and I had missed the homophobic era of the generation before me… or so I was told… so I had no issue just politely refusing while I carried on fucking all the girls I could lay my hungry hands on. Its not a boast to say that all the college sports I played meant that I had a good solid body that was admired by girls, and I was fortunate enough to have the pick of the ladies from a very young age. As a result, I was sexually active from a young age, but let’s just say that by the time I was 18 I knew how to get all the pleasure I needed from a girl, albeit perhaps not give that pleasure back in turn…. but I knew what turned me on… kind of selfish I know…. but I was young horny and self-interested. I loved blowjobs like every other teen and I loved sucking on titties, the bigger the better, if not just for bragging rights, I was definitely a douche bag at 18.

New Direction For A Teen

One day I was over at my hook-up’s home, and her parents were out and we were just making out on her bed. I was face deep licking out her pussy, lips spread wide when she got a call, I told her to answer it as I carried on eating her out. She spoke and told her friend that she was busy, she then looked down and asked me if her friend could come over, to which I nodded and smiled. I knew that just meant we needed to hurry up and finish before her friend arrived, but for some reason she was being extra slow.  We carried on fucking around and playing, and then the doorbell rang. She went downstairs and I could hear some talking. Then I heard footsteps coming up the stairs, so I got up and started dressing. She walked in with her friend, who was some guy that I had never seen before, but I bumped fists with him and said hi. She then walked over to me, and whispered in my ear that she wanted to fuck me in front of him, which I thought was a bit weird, even if it was not entirely out of character for her as she had done things in public like sucked me off in a park and given me hand jobs in standing traffic etc knowing that she was being watched... but I was still very surprised and shocked that she wanted to fuck in front of this dude I didn’t even know. Before I could answer she started licking my ear and rubbing my cock.. I was still looking at this dude, but for some reason I went with it, and we started stripping off. This random dude just sat back into the chair while me and her got to it, licking and kissing, and I started performing by sucking on her titties , I felt like a powerful porn star.. it was kind of hot and empowering to show off fucking in front of someone that I didn’t know, and she could feel it too, so she really played up to it. We got down into a 69 position with my face buried into her pussy and my tongue flicking between her pussy and asshole… I was rock hard.. and she was down sucking my cock.. and then I felt her lift my leg a little to run her tongue down into my asshole… it was so soft and wet that I got harder then I have ever been.

I opened my ass up further by lifting my legs and she really started to work my asshole… digging in deeper and deeper….. I was enjoying it, but having never had my ass licked so deeply I stopped and pushed her aside, only to find that her mouth was still wrapped tightly around my cock, and this random dude was crouching down with his face buried into my ass… I was startled and taken aback, this was so weird and unusual but the feeling was so intense that I just stared for a moment. He was so passionate and deep inside my ass that I watched him devouring my hole and just stared at him, it was the first time I was subject witness to something so out of the ordinary for me.

Realising My Alpha Power

It took a moment to realise that I was in fact loving everything happening, and that the feeling of a mouth wrapped tightly around my thick cock at the same time as a mouth closed tightly around my gaping asshole with a tongue flicking in and out deeply was the greatest feeling I had ever experienced in my life. I felt the momentary shame of realising I was having a sexual experience with a dude subside, and in its place rose the powerful realisation that I was in fact enjoying a man and a woman simultaneously. They were both servicing me for my pleasure. At that point I reached down and putting my hand on the back of his head started to pull him in and really shove his face into my hole. This experience went on for hours, and I must of cum at least 4 times, covering both of them in my thick teenage seed. In those hours I covered every porn position I had ever seen, and relished every moment. In this experience I allowed him to suck me, eat me, lick me, but I was not yet ready to go the next step as I would in the near future and push my cock deep into his body... for now she was the only one that was penetrated and only by me. A level of hierarchy had been set up even on this first experience and I knew that I was meant to seed and to overpower, while my playthings were there to be subjected to my control and lust. Even then I knew that I had a role to play and they had a role to play, and they or he the dude was never to overstep his mark with me.  There is so much experience and feeling that I gained in those hours enjoying both their bodies, its a feeling so strong that it overcomes me even now when I think about it. The thought of all those new sensations and personal taboos being shattered on that day still makes me harder then anything else. 

I learnt then the power of hierarchy which I have only now, almost 4 years later come to realise as Alpha privilege. Only now have I found amazing sites that explore the power of hierarchy better than my experiences can ever tell. For more information about fag hierarchy and its place as the natural order, check out Faggot Sam’s seminal work at Fags Worship Alphas 

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