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I am a middle aged guy that is recently divorced from an unhappy marriage, mainly because I was a gay fag. I just got into the first proper gay relationship of my life, and I have an intense desire to worship feet, but my younger boyfriend has not taken the hint, how do I get him onboard with my love of feet, I don't want to live a lie again. 

Master Mikey's Alpha Answer

Firstly, well done for coming out gay fag boi, I am glad you ended that life and allowed that poor woman to continue on with a chance at happiness, preferably with a man that actually like pussy. You have lived a lie, and its definitely not something you should start doing again. The fact that you call yourself middle aged makes me think 45 and the fact you call him a younger boyfriend means you are fucking a twenty something, and good on you old boi. 

The fact that you have gone down this road is fine, but you should be aware of some potential pitfalls in a relationship with that kind of age gap. Your young guy is likely looking for fun, less likely to be thinking about future, so do not get your hopes up about the kind of stability you have most likely been used too, he will want fun, so get your dancing shoes on and your hips ready for some wild bucking, younger guys are some of the best fun, how do I know, well I am 22 and I smash older guys like you all the time. I have 8 regulars now that suck me off, allow me to dump cum in them, pay for my time and also pay to watch me fuck their partners, I have a good idea of the deviancy you old boi's like. 

The fact that you also see yourself as a fag and you love feet suggests that you have a power relationship at play right now with your younger guy, in this scenario I would expect you want to worship his feet and him as an overbearing all powerful God. I think its time you made it clear with your boi, exactly what you are, and what you need. Its possible you have quietly been the bottom thus far, and your young guy has topped you without realising that you want the whole powerplay, and for him to dominate you, its time to come clean. 

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Your best bet in this relationship is to sit your younger boi down and tell him what you are, and be brutally honest, do not hold back, tell him every deviant thing that turns you on, and how you want to worship him. That kind of honesty will either bring out the God-like ruler in him or make him walk away for fear of being in too deep. Either way you are better off, you don't have all your life to waste, and each day not serving a Master is a day wasted. 

Whether this young lad gets your worship or not, does not particularly bother me, more that you are being wasted and someone should be using you, so get this shit sorted asap. 

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