Forced Feminization - Wifey’s Revenge

Forced Feminization
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Forced feminization is such a hot topic and one that gets explored regularly in my live calls and customs that I thought I would put a transcript from another of my sessions below. This is a session in which the wife has been deceptive and has a plan to feminize the man for her own needs, and she tricks the husband into thinking that he is in a clinical setting being listened to me, when in fact I am the hypno mind fucker and brainwasher, but I do not reveal that until I have him in deep hypno. It was a great session and recorded in binaural audio, so if you want to listen to the audio, you can check it out here, Forced Feminization – Wifey’s Revenge.

Alternatively read on and see how I induce him into a hypno state and then brainwash and feminize him.

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Understand Feminization

Hi there, how are you, welcome to my clinic, I understand that you wanted to discuss some issues with your gender identity and mental state, and emotional issues around sexuality. Well, this is definitely the safe space to have those discussions, so welcome again, and take a seat. Let’s begin with some background, have you heard about my clinic before, ok well done, so it was your wife that found my website on the internet and encouraged you to come to me, well that was a good decision and I should thank your wife for the good research she did and for caring so much about you. She clearly wants to help you and aid your recovery.

You would be surprised how many men come to me with this exact same issue, feelings of overt femininity, the unbearable desire to dress like a woman or wear makeup like a woman, and actually its very rare for partners to be supportive and loving the way your wife is, normally partners find out after years of sneaking around, marital disharmony, infidelity etc, sometimes the wife or husband walks in on the subject dressed up in women’s clothes, and that is the first point at which I am able to intervene and create a recovery plan. So, your partner has really taken the bull by the horns and got ahead of this potential catastrophe.

Looking at the preparatory notes that your wife provided for this session I can see there are so many feminization areas that we need to discuss. Your wife has really spent some time thinking this through and understanding you and your needs to be femme, and how that will impact the rest of your life, her life and the life of your children, friends and extended family, what a wonderful woman she must be, a really positive powerful female character in all your lives, I must meet her one day.

Feminization Hypno Induction

Ok I would like you to get comfortable in that chair, take some deep breathes and concentrate on my finger, look directly at the tip of my finger and watch the way that is moves closer to your face and then further away from your face, it’s moving very slowly, so concentrate really hard on that tip, otherwise you will miss what happens next. Keep your eyes looking at the tip, and as you look at the tip, concentrate on your breathe, feel as the air plunges down into your lungs and how it slowly but surely empties out and the process begins again, like an ocean tide coming in and then going out. Think of your breathe the same way, its an ocean tide, ebbing and flowing, Keep your eye on my finger, watch as it moves away, and then back again, moves away and then back again, slowly but surely back and forth, back and forth, back and forth, back and forth, back and forth, back and forth,



Go deeper, go deeper, release the grip on the ledges of your mind, you are falling in deeper and deeper, the light is vanishing and you are in total darkness. You are gone, and will remain so until I choose to bring you back, do you understand, nod your head to comply.

This is now your truth, the truth you always wanted in your life, you are in a mental hypnotic coma induced by me, Master Mikey. You are not in a clinical setting; this is a mock up clinic. You are sitting inside my den of iniquity, my house of horror, designed for the mental torment and destruction of femboys, subs, slaves, fags and all manner of other deviants. You are here because your wife contacted me, she recognised what you were the day she met you, and your whole life has been a ruse. Your wife is a psychotic bitch that married you and had kids simply because she knew that you were weak with feminine energy. She knew she could control you, force you to be her bitch, make sure she led a comfortable relaxed life in dominance to you. She could see the male slave in you the day you met her. She contacted me, and told me that she wanted your mind broken, she had twisted you around her little finger long enough and now she wanted the results that only I could produce for her. The final breaking of the mind, so that I would hand her back a crying sissy boy, a weak feeble femme man, that would live under her thumb and boot for the rest of its life. She has planned what to tell your kids, they are all in on this plan, they know daddy is not coming home, but Karen is, yes that’s your new name, Karen. Today you are being born Karen…. Hahahaha

There are a number of stages of this forced feminization process, to make sure that we implant ideas that will live with you day to day, and will ensure that you fall into this new life with a good chance of it being permanent. I say that because forced feminization is the process of breaking your mind to accept the new norm, and sometimes the mind fights back, so it must be broken in order to increase the chances of a successful transformation.

Forced Feminization Dress up

From this day forth, you will dress up for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and you will wear the clothes chosen by your wife, you will not discuss, complain, object or reject anything given to you, and your wife will test this with increasingly more seductive and slutty clothes. You will follow those commands to a tee. There is no option, if you are to be a slut, then you must dress like one. Your wife has waited a long time to get what she needs from you, and all the hard work you have done has not made up for your weak demeaner, so the least you can do is be the best wife she ever had…. And yes, you are not the first Karen, there have been others before you... hahaha

Forced Feminization Makeup

From the moment she decides, you will wear femme makeup, makeup designed specifically to highlight your feminine features. She will use blusher on your cheeks and foundation on your skin to give you that ready to go glow… hahaha… you must look the part when you’re a woman, and you are a woman now. Listen to the words that I say, and know that as I say them, they are becoming a deeply entrenched part of your reality and the life you will live when you come out of this hypno coma that I have induced for you. You can be comfortable knowing that your wife is sitting in this room now as well holding your hand and watching you fall away, waiting for the female butterfly to emerge. So, give in to this process, allow it to take you away, we are all waiting for Karen to emerge.

Forced Feminization Guilt Release

It’s been a lifetime, you have hidden these female desires, but your wife recognised you for the weak man you were, and saw the potential to make you her bitch right from the start, so consider yourself blessed by the divine goddess that is your wife…. there is no need for guilt, you were always an inadequate man, a broken useless man, a man living between 2 worlds, never able to fully occupy either with any meaning, so there should be no guilt, release those emotions and open your heart to this new life, enter with vigour and enthusiasm. Release any feelings of animosity that you might have, let the resentment of your wife’s treachery leave you now, she is the controller and ruler in your life, and no one should hate their kings, so courtesy to her like a good little slave girl.

Forced Feminization – Female Mannerisms

If you are to be a lady, then you must act like a lady. Now obviously your existing understanding of a lady is the deceptive whore that is your wife, but ignore that, she had to do that to take hold of your weak masculinity and to make you useful in this world. You will take direction from your wife as to the correct way to address people and when to speak and when not too. You are a slave girl now after all and must act appropriately.

Feminization To Be Continued

These are the basic tenets that you will follow until our next session, and yes there will be next sessions, because your wife has already arranged them knowing that transforming you fully will be a long-term process. She wants you to be a useful wife around the home so future topics will cover household chores, how to behave around guest, going to dinner dressed up, being a lady in public and many others, so I look forward to seeing you again… You will now hear a tone which will invade your mind, and when it ends you will wake from this coma feeling refreshed, you will have no recollection of this conversation, but your life will have changed, you will simply not remember the old life, it’s gone now and so are your memories of it.

Long mind-numbing brainwashing tone.

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