Gag The Fag In Winter

Gag The Fag In Winter
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Gag The Fag In The Cold Months

Winters approaching faggots, and it’s time to gag the fag in winter. It’s time for you fags to step up and show what you are worth to me, the cold days are approaching and the ice in your Masters heart grows colder and icier. I am a brutal overlord, and controller, and dominant, and just because I have been silent for a few days, is not reason for you to lose focus.

Also, for all you Masters out there that read my blog, know that it’s time for you to set the targets for your fags, let your fag hoards know the importance of pleasing you winter and summer, for a fag that loses its purpose through the seasons is a fag that must be disposed of.

All you faggots have a purpose, you know your purpose, it’s to serve and be useful, so don’t forget that. In the runup to winter, you need to prepare the following things to remain useful to Master Mikey.

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Winter Clothes & Thermals For Faggots

Good thermal winter clothes are a faggot’s essentials because you will be sent out to work, take on second jobs, told to turn off heating to save money. Yes, all those things are likely to happen to you faggot, because I demand it. This is going to be a harsh winter for so many reasons, there is an emerging global crisis which is looming over the western world, and many will suffer, and many more faggots will be left destitute through this time. This winter will break many faggots, so get those thermals in early and dress warm faggot.

I love fucking, that is a fact, and not one that will change any time soon. I love the idea of public fucking, how I will gag the fag in winter, your stupid fag face pressed up against a frosty cold windscreen, the red ring of your bussy contrasting with the white powdery snow landing on your face. You will need to perform regardless of the current global crisis, my demands don’t lesson because you have suffered too much. You might be told to turn up at some random public location to get fucked by me or some of my friends, simply because we are on the way home from the club and want to dump a load into something. Yes, that might happen to you, because our needs are virile, and powerful, and never-ending. My need to breed is as intense as ever. Your task, if called, will be to dress up warm, make your way to the assigned location and smile, as I use your flesh for my pleasure. My friends may also be allowed to breed you, and you will only know this when you arrive, so always come prepared to serve me fully. It’s critical that you arrive nice and warm, because I want your flesh warm and supple, ready to fuck, not cold and shivering like a schoolgirl walking home in the winter.

This also applies to faggots that are not under my direct control, faggots controlled by other Masters need to prepare in the same way, a Masters needs do not diminish just because its cold out. Get ready cunts, be useful this winter.

Faggots Cash Stock Pile

If you want me to gag the fag in winter, and you want to be the “special” faggot that gets gagged by me, then you need to stockpile cash. Times are hard, the economy is collapsing, inflation is shooting upwards, energy prices are increasing hourly, but that’s just life, none of those things effect my desire, or my capability, or my needs. I need to enjoy your faggot flesh, and put you to use, and if you cannot stockpile the cash for me to make you the one, I enjoy, then you lose bitch. No matter your other survival requirements this winter, you need to save, all the cash you can find. Sell goods early Autumn onwards, and stockpile the cash for my needs through the winter period.

You know that through this harsh winter, I have no intention of facing austerity, that is reserved for faggots like you. I intend to make use of all the bars, restaurants, and clubs through this winter, spending money like there is no tomorrow, safe in the knowledge that for you there might be no tomorrow, but my life is going to be just fine, hahahaha. So you may need to take on second jobs, work longer hours, take on more shifts, and then stockpile the cash you earn. Label those stockpiles as the “Masters Demands” piles, just so that you know why its there and never feel the temptation to dip into those funds. I will send you requests day and night, some of which will be direct bank transfers and others will be cash meet situations which may or may not be coupled with me using your faggot flesh.



When I gag a fag in winter, one of the most important things for me is that the faggot has a good healthcare regime. Skin touch, feel and smell are critical to my enjoyment. I want soft flesh, clean skin and fragrant bussy vapours. So all you faggots that want to get gagged by me, need to consider your skincare. There is absolutely nothing worse then touching a scabby faggot, dry lips, cold cracked skin around the bussy, that is a filthy creature, and not one that I will touch. I have on occasions fined a faggot for arriving unkempt, taken their cash and sent them home to clean up and check in with me again in 2 months. I will actively deprive a faggot of its needs if I feel it has broken this skincare rule. You fags are by default filthy animals, but at least keep the skin in good condition.

Gag The Fag All Year Round

I love to gag the fag in winter, but as you can see, gagging faggots all year round is critical to maintain obedient and useful faggots that do not degrade in the winter months. The key is that you fags are valuable but plentiful, and to maintain your positions at the front of my attention, you must perform for me. If you want to read more about gagging fags, check out Gag The Fag and Gag The Fag You Love.

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