Gag The Fag You Love

Gag The Fag You Love
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Gag The Fag You Know

All you fags will know what I think about gagging fags, and if you do not, then you should start by reading Gag The Fag. Gag the fag highlights the number of ways that fags can be gagged for their own benefit and why you would use different materials for different results. In this post however I am looking to tackle a different area. Gagging fags is a beautiful pastime and one that you never want to stop doing as an Alpha, but in all relationships, there comes a time when you rely so much on one specific faggot more than other faggots you own, that a relationship, a deeper relationship forms and there is nothing you can do to stop that. Inequality can set in at this stage and those relationships in some instances can even become a form of love and mutual respect. The Alpha predator realising that the prey on which it feeds is as precious to Natures harmonious dance as it, the Alpha is.

Alpha Masters Live On

A true Master must always know when it’s approaching inequality amongst its faggots and gong too far... too much faggot discrimination and oppression can lead to faggot revolt, mutiny , death, physical or mental, and none of those is a truly valuable result for a true Master, a true Master that knows the value of having many reliable faggots at hand, always.

A gagged fag is neither a bore nor a chore, its comes when you call it, it sucks when you tell it, and then it sits silently waiting for your next instruction in the corner, sometimes for days. I have fags that I gag and bag and then leave lying around the play area, sometimes for hours, in a few instances for days, and they wait silently until I return to them, because they want to be used and abused, by ME! My abuse is attention affection and love to these poor souls. Imagine a Master so powerful that HIS fags are willing to be bagged up and discarded as long as they are in the shadow of the Alpha Master , as long as they are in the vicinity of this greatness. This is the privilege to which I am now accustomed, and I love every minute of it.

Gag The Fag By Order Of Importance

So like I said, you will inevitably build stronger relationships with some fags then others, and this is the simple nature of all human relationships, some fag holes are tighter and sweeter, some fag mouths and throats are warmer and wetter, and some faggots just have a more willing and pliable attitude to the task at hand, which makes them far more amenable to the process. Some Masters would turn all their attention to the better more useful faggots and then overly abuse or discard the less useful faggots, but not me, I am different, I see the potential of greatness in every faggot that comes to me, I see the possibility of being the best of the best of faggots in each faggot that I meet.

I always take my most useless and least accomplished faggots and put them into additional training regimes to help them elevate their faggot game. If sucking is not their forte, then I will call them more regularly into gangbangs where vocal groups of Alphas will use and abuse them in a tuitional fashion. Several weeks of this intensive action coupled with renting them out to Alphas that will take them home and use them around the clock will always fix any hesitancy issues and allow them to grow. For other faggots being fucked in their tight little ass pussy is a huge issue because all they have ever done is finger that tight little slit, but when a thick Alpha cock like mine appears near their pussy, it tightens right up out of fear. That kind of nervous reaction can be broken, but again it’s the intensive training that is important to help clear these issues out.

Gag The Fag Indiscriminately And Fairly

When you gag a fag, never let the fag know that it is favoured or not favoured, always keep your lowly fags in the dark about preferences. Keeping your faggots guessing is important to maintain a stable den, and a group of fags that never drops the ball on pleasing you, they must never squabble amongst themselves, they must keep all their attention on you, and your needs and desires and the things you need to be happy. If you ever discriminate, you will create division amongst your faggots and that division will come back to bite you in the form of dissatisfaction, disruption to your needs and myriad number of other issues.

Gag The Fag For Your Pleasure

Ultimately love each and every one of your faggots for the use they can be to you, never more and never less. Give each faggot its due, additionally utilise those that show promise in key faggotry areas, but never allow the den of fags to see that separation, they must know that you see them all as equally unimportant and useless. Gag the fags equally, and always show them equal love, for a divided Den of fags is a Den that you will not keep for long.

If you enjoy gagging discussions or more about keeping fags specifically or simply the rules of faggotry check out my Master Slave contracts.


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