Gag The Fag

Gag The Fag
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Gagging fags is a huge topic and not one that can be explored in just 1 article, so below I have broken down some of the most common areas of faggot gagging, however I will create further articles which will branch off the ones below as time allows, as each is an important area of discussion.

Gagging Fags For Ease Of Breeding

The term Gag the fag is common for all those fags that have had the pleasure of being in an Alpha Master led gangbang. During a gangbang scenario with a single or many faggots, there comes a time in the night when all the Masters have had a good go on the faggot’s ass and mouth slots, and they have all dumped cum loads into the faggots a few times each…and the fags are fully dumped, covered in cum and spit and often other liquids, and its at this time that the faggots often want to resist. This is why gagging fags becomes so critical. Gagging the fag or fags will mean that you can cut out all its noise, and screams of pleasure and pain, and just focus on your needs without all its noise and distraction.

Gagging Fags Is Important

Some fags are especially loud when being bred and so you need to gag them silent, early in the play. The worst thing that can happen, is having to explain to neighbours why there is a fag screaming at the top of its lungs in your house... not nice, and certainly not considerate to your neighbours. So, make sure to gag the fag early, nice and tight, that will shut its fucking mouth right up, and you can get to the good part of smashing all its holes brutally. Now, you may wonder why all the aggression in the tone of gag the fag, but really its not aggression, its merely enjoying the use of the fag, which being an object has the purpose of being of use to its Master.

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Gag The Fag For Its Security

A gagged and bagged fag is a happy fag. The gag gives the faggot a sense of safety and security because it knows that it cannot scream, and it cannot escape, and both of these things are anxiety relieving measures which provide as much comfort to the faggot as they do to the Master. You will find that when you first introduce the idea of gagging to your fags, they might be hesitant, but that will evaporate as they realise what your capable of doing with them when gagged and bound up. Their pleasure will increase tenfold.

Gag The Fag With Rope

Rope is a brilliant way of gagging fags, because rope knots can be tight and sensual at the same time, therefore shutting the faggot up, and making sure it can’t yelp at the first sign of pain. Rope provides the tight squeeze often needed to close a fag’s mouth. A fag’s mouth is almost always gaping for cock, and in fact a true fags jaw is actually wired differently internally to allow for the girth of its Masters cock. Ropes are at once tactile and efficient, and the best are made from hemp, which allows you to create tension and elasticity at the same time.


Gag The Fag With Linen Rags

Gagging with linen rags is an age-old method. Linen rags are especially useful when nothing else comes to hand but one of you has a t-shirt on. Whip the t-shirt off and improvise a faggot gag. The cloth rag has the effect of strangling and choking but without the danger as the linen is breathable and allows air through effectively, and allows sweat out. You are at once keeping the faggot quiet and comfortable, a win win situation.

Gagging Is A Way Of Life

No matter where in your Master faggot relationship you are, gagging should be introduced. Gagging is supportive of both parties and fosters the kinds of long-term relationship growth that will be harder to achieve if gags are not used.

If you are a kind and caring Master, then discuss gagging and gags in conversation before introducing the gags and straps. If you are a deviant monstrous Master, then grab your faggot unaware and introduce it to the gagging in-situ and impromptu, catch the fag unaware and allow the surprise of being bound, be its pleasure …….and its pain.

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Gag The Fag For Its Benefit