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Gay Ass Eating
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Gay Ass Eating

This is about all you gay ass eating faggots! yes you gay boi's out there that love to taste ass, stick your tongue deep into the shithole and pretend its normal! 

Fags Question

I love to eat ass, lick and rim and stick my tongue in, but does this mean I am fucked up, and into scat fetish?

Master Mikey's Alpha Answer

I would say that there is no doubt that you are a dirty fag boi, but I don't think that constitutes a scat fetish. The fact that you like to lick a shithole, taste the rim on your tongue, or even flick your tongue in and out gently, seems straightforward faggot behaviour, nothing out of the ordinary and certainly not an indication of a scat fetish. 

Bussy Boi

The bigger question is whether you like the taste, and when I say taste I don't mean the taste of a real man, you will of course get the taste of a real man by sucking some cock, but when you have your snout pushed up into another mans stink hole, you will get potential for scraps and if you are licking and sniffing around the shithole for those, well then we are dealing with a fag with a scat fetish. If you are tonguing the other boi's shitslot with the hole of scooping out some scraps, then you are definitely a scat boi. 

Most gays, fags, twinks, and boi's, will lick and suck an ass, but its more rare that they will want some shit to go with that. The potential for getting a mouthful of brown slop is high if you are going to mess around down there, but considering the male asshole is the fags pussy, then its a necessary evil. If scat is your thing, check out Scat Manifesto. For the rest of you boi's , do your thing and eat some ass. 

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