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You gay boy fags are one dirty fucking gang of degenerates. Every time I see you, all I want to do is piss on you, dump on you, spit on you, I can’t help it, and best of all, you love it. Before you gay fag boys get triggered, read my trigger warning

All you fag’s love to be used and abused, and Masters like me, love to use you and definitely abuse you. You are faggots, and here to be used by real men. Real men, strong virile alpha men use fags like you as a dumping ground, because you are filthy creatures, objects for pleasure, tools. Over the last several years as a young alpha Master, I have experienced so many different types of fags, twinks and gay boys that want to engage in degenerate sexual activities that I have become completely desensitised to the levels of sexual depravity I now engage in. You fags turned me into the monster that I am, you brought this demon out of me. I was always dominant and alpha, right from the start, but it wasn’t until I discovered and then immersed myself in this depraved world of fetish and faggotry that I realised the depths to which men and fags can sink.

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Gay Boy Scene Of The Crime

Imagine you come to my place on a Friday night, I am sitting there having a drink with the lads before you arrive, there is beer cans around the place, ashtrays, shoes and socks, the lads are getting ready to head to the airport, we are all off on a lads stag event, and the room is full of testosterone, pumped up and excited about the holiday, and you don’t know it, but I have called you round as the entertainment, as a surprise for all my lads, none of them know the life I have lived in secret or the things that I will do, they will all be very surprised and happy by the end of this night. As soon as you walk in, I introduce you to the lads,

“hey lads, this is my new toy, yes, my new gay boy toy, I came across it at the mall when I was out shopping, it walked past me with its family and the way it looked at me, I knew I had it caught, now before you wonder, NO I am not fucking gay, I’m not a faggot, but that’s fine, because you know you can do anything you want to a faggot like this, and you still remain straight, that’s a fact, because fucking around with faggots is not gay, you can do anything you want and it doesn’t affect your sexuality because a fag is just a hole, its not a gay interaction, it’s a toy, has no feelings, so anyway, I called it around today, so you guys could enjoy what I have been enjoying for the last 5 months.”  

All the lads looked at me in disbelieve, this was not the Mikey they had experienced before, but it was time to reset the expectations, and this was how it was going to be done hahahaha. Then I told the faggot what was expected from it. The fag was told that it was a toy today, it was to be the lads plaything, and to service these fine men, in any way they want, serve drinks, collect empties, give blowjobs, bend over, anything they want. This faggot gay boy had a place, at the bottom of the chain, bottom of the pecking order, invited only to be a joy and a pleasure for these lads. The fag was quick to step into action as fags normally are.


“Come on lads, don’t be shy, get to work, its ready for you to use, I know this is all a bit of a surprise to you and all new, but you can literally use it for anything, put your feet on its back, have it suck your toes clean if that sounds good, the adventurous ones out of you can take it in to the bedroom for a blowjob, or the bathroom, have it clean off your cock after a piss, or a shit if your really ready to start living.. mmm and I dare you boys, see how far you can go on this first time with a fag, who’s going to fuck it? I know you lads are squares, I bet none of you have ever fucked a fag, well who’s going to try a faggot today, look at it, smiling and ready for use. One of you just needs to be confident enough to take it in hand.

Remember something, this fag has been serving men all its life, so it’s used to some rough and tumble, if you don’t like what it’s doing, don’t be shy to give it a wack, or if you’re feeling kinky, bend it over your knees, pull its pants down and give its ass, balls and cock a good smacking, nothing hotter then a set of red balls, bruised and aching. Let’s send this fag cunt home fucked up today, here let me start this off, you lot all look a little shy, first timers... hahahaha, watch this, come on faggot, quick march to the bathroom, now get on your knees next to the toilet bowl, are you ready, when I piss into the bowl, I want you catching the piss with your mouth, but make sure it doesn’t splash anywhere, otherwise I will fuck you up, understood? Ok here we come. aahhhhhhhh drink it up cunt, there’s a good boi, see lads, this is what a fag’s for, now watch, come her boi, now clean my cock off, take all the piss off my helmet, nicely, good boi, now watch lads, you can even just slide into its throat like this, open up gay boy faggot, use the fags throat to clean off your cock, or just get a blowjob while you’re at it. hahahaha, you feeling a bit shy lads, come on, this is all normal, a gay boy fag is a tool, just enjoy, don’t worry, its not gay to fuck a fag, here look at this, stand up boi, now bend into the bath, watch, I’m tugging its pants down, now pull your cheeks apart boi, and HOLD, see lads, look at that sweet bussy, really tight, much tighter than any pussy you ever fucked, so if you think pussy is good, wait till you try bussy, its so tight , and not just at the rim, its tight all the way in, get all your  inches in and you will be held tight from your tip to your nuts… see watch as I slide this finger in, open your mouth faggot, lick that… perfect, now watch lads as I slide this into it, there we go, and its so tight, go on give it a try yourself, here put that finger back in your mouth and clean that off faggot! see it’s a good faggot for its Master and it will be really gracious to anyone I give it too, like you lads, hahahaha.”

“Now stop fucking wasting time and use it, and I’m buying drinks for the first one that fucks this faggot, so come on lads, get over your nervous starts, you are Alphas, and this fag is here to serve us, so enjoy. “

Gay Boy Toy Dilemma

There will always be a gay boy dilemma because most people are not used to the idea of fags and faggotry. Most people are used to conventional relationships with conventional outcomes, wife, 2 kids etc, but fag relationships are power and fetish relationships and they can run alongside all other types of relationships or none at all. A fag is a toy, a tool and an object of pleasure, it knows this, and so should you. If you are a Master, an Alpha, then do as I do, and enjoy this world of faggotry, to read more, check out Master Slave Contracts to learn more about the depths of this relationship. 

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