Gay Slave Rules

Gay Slave Rules
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Slave Rules

Slaves need rules, that is a simple fact of life, and no matter how you classify a slave, whether it be a fag slave, a sissy slave, a boi slave, a femboy slave, a gay slave or any other type of slave, the one thing that unites them all is the need for gay slave rules. Gay slave rules bind a slave to its life of slavery and to its Master. I am so convinced that slave rules are key to a happy slave relationship that I have written extensive Master and slave contracts which can be read here Master Slave Contract , you can read the short version here Short Master Slave Contract, and you can download here Master Slave Contract PDF.

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Masters Gay Slave Rules

The Master Slave contracts outline all the many points that are required when placing rules on gay slaves. The contracts being with an explanation of the basic role definitions of Masters and Slave and the responsibilities that each party holds within the contractual framework. This is key for all Master and slave to understand at the start of putting gay slave rules in place for slaves. My slave rules document then moves to explaining the rights of Masters, such as management rights, access rights and punishment rights, all of which are important if the Master is to get what he deserves from his slave. We must remember that the slave is property, actually slightly less then property, but carries property rights in the same way as a cardboard box, and hence the Master must ensure that he enforces his rights on the slave. Unenforced rights are pointless.

The next section of the document showcases the Slaves responsibilities to its Master, and to itself. The slaves responsibilities to the Master include cleaning the household, shaving itself and keeping itself ready and prepared for sex whenever the Master desires. These are all responsibilities that are to be taken seriously if the slave is to be of good use to its Master.

My slave rules document then moves to explaining public and private decorum, showing the differences expected in those 2 different scenarios. Everything that the slave does in a public and private situation must first and foremost glorify its Master, any activity that could bring questions to the Master or cause reputational damage to the Master are to be avoided at all costs. The slave should consider itself an extension of its Masters will, and avoid risk at all cost.

The last stages of the slave rules document detail the daily tasks list for slaves, which give all slaves the order required to operate as slaves on a daily basis. The slave duties are also explained, with the sexual duty being a primary requirement and then followed by the discipline and punishment repercussions of failures to comply with all slave rules.


Gay Slave Rules Understood

I wrote the original gay slave rules, Master Slave contract in 2019, but in essence this document / contract has not changed over the years. I intended for this document to be a onetime multigenerational contract, with the intent of locking a slave into bondage on a lifetime basis, with the intention that the contract of bondage would remain in perpetuity, until either of the following situations arose, 

  1. The Master or his heirs voided the contract for any given reason
  2. The slave or its heirs were declared deceased and or no heirs could be found to assume the responsibility of the contract.

With neither of those allowances being enforced, the contract was considered to be evergreen.

Gay Slave Rules Summary

Many will read this document and consider its existence an abomination, and to them I say, kindly move on, and for others this document will represent the clarity they have needed all their lives. If this document for slave rules tells us anything, its that the world is a beautiful and varied world, with people of all creeds, needs and dreams, and we should all live and let live.

I expect that many will read this and find their way to my door, and to them I say welcome, each of us must find a purpose and a way to exist that satisfies all our needs, mentally, physically and spiritually. To each of you that arrive on my door as weary seekers of your truths, let me say to you, I have waited all my short life, to welcome you into yours.

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