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Yes, gay slave is a thing, being a slave is a thing, slavery is a thing. Now let’s be clear we are not talking about slavery of yesteryear which was terrible, or even modern-day slavery which is an issue that plagues the world today, we are talking specifically about consensual adult BDSM slavery roleplay. I know that is a mouthful, but BDSM slavery role play is an exciting and enticing area of powerplay that is loved and enjoyed daily, by millions of people around the world.

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You have arrived on my site because you are interested in the topic of gay slaves, and millions more are too, you are not alone in your deviancy, and I am an expert in managing gay slave, fag slave and other types of slavery roleplay. I have several gay slaves that do not identify as fags or subs, they are simply gay, homosexual and into the dominant submissive powerplay where I am the dominant as Master Mikey and they are the submissive gay slave. My special area of expertise is faggotry and managing a den of fags, but all of my blog posts are equally valid to any gay man that is interested in this type of roleplay or lifestyle, hence many of the reference posts that I will describe below are written for faggots, but are useful to any gay man too.

Gay Slave Training

Being a gay slave is about handing over your power to a Master, giving up all control and serving a Master such as me. Often its less about you handing power to me and more about me taking it from you, like predators take from prey. As a form of devotion, some of my slaves will sit in cages for hours on end, others will perform household chores, and others still are purely sex slaves. All of my slaves will be obedient and respectful. Check out my 10 steps to train slaves to get a better understanding of training methodology. As far as I am concerned, some men have slave hearts and minds, but even with this more submissive nature, they must still be made slaves, they are NOT born slaves. Many Masters will tell you that slaves are just born slaves, but I don’t believe that, submissive men must be trained, and programmed to serve as slaves.

Lots of regular slave training is needed to get gay boi’s on the journey, and this training must be regular, it cannot be sporadic, making a slave is a process. Even within the slave training process, there are tiers and stepping stones, for some of my slaves will rise up the ranks and be treated as tier 1 slaves and therefore they will live with certain privileges and powers over the other slaves. One of my favourites bonuses to give a slave that is rising in the ranks is power and control over other newbie slaves. I never know the type of slave and authoritarian a slave will be until I give it some power and watch how it exerts that newfound power over other slaves below it. Many times, in the slave training process I have had to throw gay slaves out of the process for being too cruel or too sexually demanding of newbie slaves. A gay slave training camp is the same as all other types of training camps, in that it demands your complete focus and once you wear a faggot gay slave down to its core, you really see the human slave underneath appear.


Gay Slave Porn

Gay slave porn is an area of gay slavery that is little talked about, but I am a Master Slave absolutist and believe in bringing out all the nuanced areas of this fetish. Some of the best porn in the BDSM space is the gay slave porn, simply because it is almost always no holds barred porn. Gay slave porn can be the most extreme and on the other end of the spectrum some of the most beautiful loving natural porn to be found anywhere. If you are gay and identify as having a slave heart, there is no way that you will not enjoy gay slave porn, its intense. Some of my favourite gay porn in this area is slave fisting porn where trained slaves are punch fisted by Masters in the ass pussy, its incredibly intense to watch. I can only imagine how exciting it is to create that type of extreme porn.

Gay Slave Master Mikey

Why gay slavery? Why is this a fetish to be enjoyed when it has glimpses to some of the darkest periods in human history? These are all relevant questions, and so I will try and lay out the possible answers next,

The Slave Heart

Some men are born with a submissive weak mind and heart, and they seek solace in the loving grip of a superior Alpha Master. These men must still be trained and fine tuned to the life of a slave, but the core building blocks of being a slave are in place to start with. This slave heart is not a new thing, it’s a part of the human experience, just as Alpha Men are a part of humanity, and this has never and will never change, some men were born to rule and others to serve, hence slavery has always and will always be part of the human story. So gay slavery is just another facet of that human story that will play a part.

Homosexuality The Taboo

Its 2022 and we are all led to believe that the world has changed, but it really hasn’t changed that much, there are still parts of the world and cultures which consider homosexuality and being “gay” as an abomination. This means that being gay and living gay are still taboo to some extent and anything that sits in the realm of taboo has an allure built into it. Hence being gay or a gay slave is like a doubly alluring area.

Gay Slave Master

I have been a Master for the last 4 years, or should I say that I have been aware that I am a Master in the last 4 years, and in that time, I have learned about myself and why I veered towards this fetish, and how it connected with what I had been all my life. So, the concept of overpowering, enslaving and controlling lesser submissive is very natural to me, and to others born like me. The dominance led to the slavery of another. Therefore, gay slavery is a natural play area for a Master or a dominant like me. Any gay slave that has ever played within my den will affirm the joy they get from being under my boot or being my sex object. I give and take great pleasure from all the gay boi’s that I interact with. To me gay slavery is just another part of the overall picture of BDSM.

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Gay Slave Contract

Gay slave contracts are an area that I like to think I have put lots of thought into. You can read my full Master slave contracts which are perfect for gay slaves by reading Master Slave Contract or Short Master And Slave Contract For Fags and you can download a copy for yourself too Master Mikeys Master Slave Contract PDF. Contracts are important in BDSM play, especially if you are going to have real time engagement as consent is critical. No matter how extreme BDSM play can get, no one likes to think that its roleplay, and to some extent it takes away from the experience, so consent is always a topic of discussion. However, the safety of all adults involved is paramount, so consent should be the forefront of your mind. This is where contracts of agreement come into play, outlining all the elements that the Master expects and the Slave expects.

Ultimately gay slaves and gay slavery is a beautiful fetish area, and done right it can lead to long-term play relationships. I currently have a gay couple that are both my slaves, and the dynamic of one slave watching its partner be enslaved and perform for me heightens the eroticism in ways that could otherwise not be achieved.

For gay slave play or to discuss the structure of that relationship and get a feel for being a slave, contact me, and I will enslave your mind, and maybe even your heart.

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