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Gay Worship Of Ass
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Fags of all sorts worship me, and the one thing these cretins love the most, is worshipping my ass. I have been in the gym since I was 16 and now at the age of 22 my ass is very tight and muscular. The gay worship these fags want to do to my ass is often absolutely filthy and to be quite honest, I love it. The filthier these faggots are willing to be, the more uses I will find for these little fag cunts. As I always say, a fag must be of use to its Master, otherwise it’s a wasted fag, and all these ass worshipping fags have a use when they come to me, they can lick, suck, look at and worship my ass in all sorts of ways.

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Gay Worship At The Altar Of Ass

One of my favourite pastimes is having a fag come over to mine, knowing that it will serve me, but not having told it that today it will get to worship my ass. When the fag arrives, it already has a look of excitement on its stupid face, but nothing like the excitement that shoots across its face when I tell it that today it must worship my ass. I say must, but the eagerness with which the fag gets to my ass is astonishing…ha-ha there is no greater partnership in all of nature then a fag’s face and a Masters Ass.

I have made several of my fag’s worship at my ass like it was an altar, praising and singing songs of worship. It helps when some of these fags are preachers and therefore, they can lead the Ass praising sermon. I lay down on a long table, which looks a little like a massage table, surrounded by candles and soft scents, and then I call up 1 fag at a time to step up to my ass and shower it with kisses, and licks and sweet words. I encourage the faggots to be as loving as possible, using there mouths fully to lick and taste their lord’s ass. When they have finished sucking and praising and all have had at least 1 lick and kiss each, then I will invite 1 of the fags to step forward to a side room, where it will get to eat of my ass, and enjoy fully the fruits of its Masters Ass.

The fag that gets to step into the side room with me, is the chosen fag, and it must act with the enthusiasm and excitement that I expect. I have it bathe itself first, in a ceremonial fashion, and then approach with its mouth first. I normally plunge its mouth deep between my cheeks and hold it there for a minute, allowing it to inhale me fully. I then have it hold me open and eat out my ass, like a good fag should always do. Most of these faggots will enjoy the process, and the excitement of being chosen carries them through even when their tired flesh wants them to stop, but some are blessed with an energy of ass eating which is unrivalled. True Ass fags that can dive face first into my ass and bury a tongue so deep in that it feels like they are inside me. Its these long tongued creatures that I enjoy the most. Ass tunnelling fags, with snake like tongues birthed to serve me with their mouths and faces, birthed to be of use to me, to give me prostate orgasms with their tongues. I hope to find these types of gay worship fags all the time, but alas it’s a rare find. When I do get hold of one that displays these skills, I use it twice a day until its used and worn and must be discarded.

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Gay Worship Of Gym Ass

Gay worship in the gym is uniquely exciting and the most recent experience I had with a buddy that eventually turned into another of my fags was just before the pandemic of 2020. This buddy and I would go to the gym 3 times a week and train, and he knew how I trained and the purpose, to be strong and functional and to look good in a suit. He also knew that I was managing men in some sort of club, he never knew it was my fag den of iniquity, and he never explored to much, assuming that as a successful young guy, I had lots of things going on which were private. Our buddy relationship stayed in the bar, and the occasional game. One day in the gym, as I spotted him at the bench, I caught him looking directly up my shorts as I stood over him, and I didn’t make a thing of it, just a mental note. Over the course of the next few sessions, I observed the same behaviour and to clarify I deliberately wore no boxers, just the gym shorts which were very flappy and loose, so he could catch a proper look of my big cock, balls and tight ass. By the fourth time I had it confirmed, my buddy was a fag, and I had just never treated him that way, but it was time to put it on him.

2 weeks before the pandemic in March 2020, I hit a hard gym session with this buddy and I was sweating out hard, so every time I spotted him at the bench, I would go down with him filling his face with my shorts, and giving him the waft of cock in his face. Then we got over to the lateral dumbbell fly and he spotted me bringing the weights up and out aside my chest, but as I expanded out, he caught sight of my underarms and the sweat waft of Alpha muscle, power and hunger. As expected, he did not complain at all, and carried on. When we finished up, we got to the showers and stripped off...we were totally alone and I immediately noticed that he had a semi hardon, which I looked at and laughed... and he looked back and shyly asked what I was laughing at. I told him that I guessed he was a fag and that it was ok, to which he said he was not, but I nodded and laughed... “oh yes you are boy” and the moment I called him boy, its like a switch went off in his head and he replied “maybe I am sir” which was my trigger… I grabbed him by the cock and led him out of the showers to the toilet cubicle. I whispered in his ears… “ssshhhh boy, ssshhhhh… just eat..”  and then I grabbed his hair, pushing him down, while at the same time I used one arm to lean against the wall as I bent over, pushing his head towards my ass, I was so wet and the lust of the moment made me sweat an after shower sweat, the air was so musty and meaty that he slid right in between my cheeks. He licked and flicked and ate like a good boy, at times my ass was so wet and sweaty that I could hear him licking my asshole like a cat flicking its tongue across a bowl of milk. I encouraged him, pushing his head further in, using his lips to part my gape, until I felt ready to cum, and then I turned and without asking I opened his mouth with my fingers and just pushed my thick cock deep into his mouth, grabbing his head to focus the length of my cock down the bend in his neck. I fucked his mouth for about 25 seconds before unloading a thick creamy load into his belly.

That was his first experience, but not his last.


Gay Worship Of Work Ass

I have one trainee currency trader that enjoys eating my ass more then he enjoys making money for me, which is a shame because I enjoy using him to generate cash more then using him to eat my ass. However, the world is not a perfect place and sometimes a Master must make do with what is available to hand. I usually keep this trainee back after work a few times a month, and I charge it $500 for a session where it gets to jerk off and eat my ass at the same time. The funny part of using this fag trainee is that it always willingly tips me more to allow it to push its tongue in really deep and see what it can find... hahaha… filthy little fag is an enthusiastic ass eater.

The gay worship ass sessions always begin the same in the office, as I normally allow this fag and others like it to sit behind me while I make calls and then I slip off my suit pants and while I stand there it is allowed to run its wet fag tongue up and down my cheeks, lapping like the dog it is, to get all the taste off my cheeks, and into its shithole mouth. I normally run these gay ass worship sessions in the afternoon when I have back-to-back conference calls and I can stand up and make them, while my fags down below the desk line licking away.

Gay Worship Of Master Mikey

Fags, Gay worship my body and more specifically my ass all the time, this is not new to me. What is very new is the number of fags that specifically want to lick and eat my asshole out. Most prefer it to be as dirty as possible, some of which I will detail in another blog.  In some instances, I have called these fags over with the specific task of cleaning my ass, simply because I can, and because it helps me maintain discipline in the den and also gives the fag rats a little treat occasionally.

The worship, is the fag’s way of living its purpose in front of me, and me allowing them to run their faggot tongues around my anal rim, and then dip into my gape is my way of living my Masterly purpose. Fags worshiping and eating my ass is nature, simply nature.

I produce lots of Ass focused content to keep my ass loving fags subs twinks and sissys happy, here is an example of one piece you click below and see for yourself... a fag instructed to use its tongue on and in my ass

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