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Gooning For Master Mikey
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You are here because you know what gooning is, and bating, and all those other deviant masturbations connected terms, but in case you are new to this boi, check out What is Gooning and Gooning as good starter posts on the topic of gooning and then the idea of gooning for Master Mikey will make a lot more sense.

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I love the idea of fags sissys twinks and femboys gooning for me, gooning for Master Mikey, the Master of all. Gooning even applies if you are a straight guy, and if you want to test that read Straight Guys Jerk The Same. I love that idea so much that I encourage it and discuss it as part of the service and respect that I expect from any deviant when they say they want to worship me, I always ask, “ but are you ready to goon for me, ready to get into that smokey headed vulnerable state for me, Master Mikey” and the answer is always a yes yes yes.

To get into that state of cock worship to me, you must first stroke and edge yourself a minimum of 4 times, and that is then the starting point of the gooning journey with me. I want to see you have the self-control to get yourself to the edge, where your cock is trembling and your head is so aroused and engorged, that your own breath landing on your peehole, risks tipping you over the edge…. And when you are there, I want you to hold yourself there and wait for further instruction...hahaha. The more you can show me that you have the power to do that for me, and under my guidance, the more likely I am to take you seriously, faggot.

Straight Guys Gooning For Master Mikey

Let’s begin that journey now, and you can do this whether you are a faggot, femboy, twink or straight, yes you can even do it if you are straight, because in the darkness of the night, when no one else is watching, when your parents are asleep, when your partner is watching tv, at that dark point of the night, you will stroke your straight cock to me because my words are the sweetest pair of lips that you could ever have wrapped around your cock, straight boi!! Never get caught up with that label of being straight, just like faggots do not get caught up with labels, you are a human with needs, and my hands and words wrapped around your cock, stroke you off harder and harder to get you to a place where you are hung over the edge by your balls screaming with pleasure. That’s the kind of power that I can exert on you straight boi. I can take your straight boi demeaner, arrange for you to meet me somewhere quiet, and then press you up against a wall by the neck and whisper into your ear “You are my straight white boi faggot now, and I don’t care if you don’t think you’re a gayboi.. look down... if you are not gay or bi.. why are you so fucking erect right now... “ hahahaha and then laugh in your face as you die from embarrassment, your swollen cock giving away all your desires. I know what you straight white boi’s need and I will deliver it.

You know who you are sitting there reading this straight boi, you are reading and you are twitching, the words on the page are turning you on, its giving you a woody that you are questioning, well don’t question it, put your straight boi guilt to one side and realise that a Master like me, Master Mikey, has power over fags and straight boi’s too, I can get inside your mind and have you stroking for me, gooning for me, your eyes rolling around in your head as you goon for me. I can make you lose the plot as your hand shoots up and down your cock. So do it, pull your cock out while you read this, do it now, get it out, its already getting stiff, so pull it out and start jerking for me, you know what to do, stroke it slowly at first, and keeping a good pace, keep reading my words and feeling what it would be like to serve me, to be in my company, and under my boot. As you stroke sitting there, naked and alone, with only thoughts of past girlfriends in your head and the shame of knowing that you are stroking your cock to me, an Alpha male, a Real man.. a Master… hahahaha I love that I have you in this position of weakness, you just keep stroking bitch.

I want you to stroke thinking of how powerful I must be when your in front of me, how amazing it would be to kneel before me, having never kneeled in your life before, what it would feel like to worship me, on your knees, mouth open, salivating as you look at my cock hanging near your head, the words “but I am straight” going through your head again and again, the shame of feeling that someone in your life might find out what you really are and how easily you were turned from straight to a gay faggot, it all scares you stiff.


Gooning For A Master

You are gooning for Master Mikey, not gooning over a woman, not worshiping some hot model on the tv, NO! you are on your knees gooning for Master Mikey and showing that you really are a gay faggot bitch and definitely not as straight as you think. Imagine I wave my cock closer and closer to your face, because I want to tempt you, tempt your straight little ass, your mouth is so hungry for my huge cock, and its only your past life that is stopping you from swallowing my cock whole, its in your mind, in your thoughts, you desire my cock so intensely that you stroke even more furiously, there is no more edging left in you, the pressure of edging and stroking is bringing you close to an orgasm, but then you watch as I pull away from you and tuck my huge cock back into my pants, the disappointment shoots through your mind and your cock subsides in your hand, you have nothing left to goon over, nothing left to stroke over.. you then realise that all your pleasure and all your delight was wrapped up in seeing my huge white Alpha cock hanging near your face. You were hard knowing that having only ever been straight and only ever fucked women in your life, this was the greatest excitement of your life, the thought of having that huge Masters cock sliding down your throat as you gooned over me, it was an orgasmic feeling, and you want it back, so you start to beg… hahahaha “please Master Mikey , take your cock out again” so I ask you to explain why, why do you want me to pull my cock out straight white boi? Tell me, what will a straight white guy do with my cock? Tell me boi.. and you hesitate as the words will not come out of your mouth, but you are bolt hard again, and your hands full of your cock give you the boost you need to be a proud fag and say it loud, “I want to worship and goon over your cock Master Mikey, I want to suck your cock, I want to be fucked by your huge white Alpha cock… please take out your cock Master Mikey” and to that request I laugh loudly and slap you, reminding you what you are, before I pull out my huge cock and rub it across your cheeks… then hang it right in front of you, by this time you are jerking off ferociously, yanking that cock of yours like its never been yanked before, your eyes are zoned out, your expression is dumbed out, you look like a cartoon cunt that has had its face smashed into a wall, you look so fucking gooned right now, such a dumb little gooner, so pathetic, and all while stroking yourself silly looking at me and my big white cock, what does that tell you white boi? It tells you that you are not straight, you are a faggot, and I knew it. and without any preparation or warning your gushing a cumload all over your pants, covering your hands and your feet. I laugh so loudly in your face, because you are still stuck, gooning over Master Mikey has just frozen you in time, your stuck with that stupid look on your face, covered in cum, sat there in front of me, eyes rolling back like a snake, expression sloped sideways like a heart attack victim, you look so fucking ridiculous now.

Gooning For Alpha Master Mikey

You see, it really doesn’t matter if you are straight, gay , bi, twink, femboy, fag, or any other deviant underclass, because you will goon over me, and I will get you into that mind space where you will just lose all control and all sense of your life and reality, you will fall victim to me as you jerk yourself into a nonsensical state, as your facial muscles collapse and your hands tire and your eyes rollback, you will just fall into a meditative gooning state where you are MINE! And I will choose whether you ever leave that state.

So, all you beasts of burden out there, that lurk and goon, make yourself known to me, reach out, send me a message and show me what you are willing to do for me, because at the end of your day, you should ask yourself the question, “What did I do for Master Mikey today?”

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