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Hairy Faggots
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Hairy Faggots

Fags Question

I am very hairy, will Masters have an issue with this?

Master Mikey's Alpha Answer

A hairy faggot is a vile sight for all to behold, and it does not matter whether you have a little hair or are covered like a monkey, hair on faggots is plain disgusting. Fags are sluts to be used and abused and the last thing that a Master should have to worry about is shaving its faggot when they come around. 

All a faggot needs to do is look in the mirror you dumb faggot, and if you spot hair, then your Master will too, so shave it, remove it, claw it off if you have too, but make sure that when you arrive at your Masters location, or to the gangbang that he has so graciously arranged for you, that you are as clean as a new-born baby. 

Hairy Faggots Have Needs To

Hair gets in the way, know that faggot, know it well. Shave it fast and be a good boi for your Master. 

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