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Heavy Fetish
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Heavy Fetish

I consider what I do with faggots to be a heavy fetish, the strongest most edgy form of heavy BDSM treatment that a faggot or sissy can suffer. In fact, all of the deviants that I deal with suffer my form of heavy fetish completely consensually, they love to enjoy the torment and pleasure that I introduce them too, and keep them enjoying.

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If you have landed on this page without the context of what I am, then let me explain, I am a young Alpha Master domme, with subs, slaves and faggots that I manage in what I call my global “Den of Iniquity”, the spiritual home or pig pen for my little sluts. For many that will be a mouthful to understand, but in short, I have fags all round the world that would die to be in my company, and serve me, and a lucky few that get the chance to actually serve me and worship me.

Its easy to say heavy fetish without knowing what that actually means, so let me clarify the areas that really make me a Young Master into heavy fetish. These are all areas that I continue to explore with my faggots on a weekly basis, these are not things once tried and never again, these are regular play games.

Heavy Fetish Scat

Scat fetish is one of the highest demand heavy fetish requests that I get from subs and faggots just because they are typically filthy little critters. Most subs will ask to sniff my ass or lick my feet, and the ones that want to sniff and lick my ass are normally aiming to do more, they just want me to encourage them to perform further and further. I find out very quickly the depth of the perversion these faggots have and then I use it against them to push them further and further into doing more and more depraved tasks. I am yet to let a fag eat my shit as a treat, but I never say never, as one of these faggots might surprise me with the level of their worship and tributes and in which case, I would consider allowing them to lay down before me, and wait open mouthed as I drop a shit into their face or down their dirty throats. I consider my shit a huge treat for them, its not just something to be taken lightly, it’s a delightful treat for the right faggots, but they must perform for me, at the highest level before I allow that to happen. If you enjoy scat then check out my Scat Fetish Manifesto.


Heavy Fetish Slavery

Slavery and being a slave for me is another of the top requests I get from subs, and this is a much more specific desire to be enslaved. I have multiple enslaved subs and fags that have been my slaves for years, and I always have a backup set of slaves that are dying to get into the inner circle. Again, to the uninitiated mind this kind of talk is madness, insanity even, but remember that this is real fetish, real consensual adult to adult slavery which is loved by both parties. My slaves would rather die then live as freeman in the real world. I as the Master am everything to my slaves, they will worship me, give to me their belongings, work their flesh to the bone just to serve me, there is almost nothing that they would not do just to be in my slave camp. The power they feel from me, living in an enslaved situation is so powerful that they are able to get sexual and mental stimulation from the situation alone, and when I add whipping and humiliation and beating to the equation, it just blows their minds and takes them over the edge. To read about my slave play and slavery contracts check out Slave Contracts or to check out the slave breeding fantasy check out Slave Breeding.

Heavy Fetish Rough Sex

Rough sex is a much more universal desire when it comes to the fetish gay community that I interact with, certainly the ones that class themselves as faggots or twinks or femboys, they often in my experience love rough sex, and rough treatment in general. Many of my fags and twinks see themselves as slutty girls and inferior men and they want to be told they are shit, told they are worthless, often want to be punched and kicked and thrown around the apartment which I easily do for them. I have to admit that I love rough sex because it’s so carnal and natural and in tune with nature. Sex in nature in the wild is rough and aggressive and often ends in injury or death, it’s a powerful act, verging on rape. All these elements make rough sex that wild joy ride that it can be. If you want to feel my power, join my faggot den and then watch as I throw you around, punch and kick you into submission, forcing you to be the little fag slut that you are. For more about hard punishment sex read Physical Abuse.

Heavy Fetish Satanic Worship

Oh I fucking love satanic worship and its one of my favourite types of heavy fetish play. I wish I had more fags and subs that loved Satanic play and Satan worshipping because I love to indulge in those darker more ominous forms of power transfer. You would not believe the levels of twisted and mentally challenging sex role play I have engaged in for this heavy fetish. I have had fags slamming crosses into their tight pussies, swearing and insulting the holy trinity and all manner of things that I cannot ever write here. Most people are drawn to the dark arts through fear and disgust of what’s out there, and what other fags are indulging in, and when I take them to those dark recesses of their minds and then tip them over the edge, very few come back, most are lost to the darkness forever. Satanic worship combines all those typically treasured beliefs and turns them upside down on a bed of sexual turmoil pleasure and pain, creating emotions that just cannot be replicated anywhere else. If you want to learn more, read Satan Morning Star.

Heavy Fetish Humiliation

Humiliation is the centrepiece of almost all other heavy fetish pleasures. Amongst my den of fags, subs, twinks, femboys, sissys, the humiliation of being made to act, be, or do things that are disgusting or degrading is one of the driving erotic features of the need for humiliation in sexual play. All my fags love when I force them to call me daddy, as I pound their tight cunts one after the other, discarding each, as I empty a load into its dirty shit slit. I love to have fags line up so I can ritually piss on them, and allow each fag to watch as its comrade is pissed on for no reason. This is a powerful way to teach subs that they are at the bottom of the food chain and that they will be humiliated for my entertainment. Its sets the rules for who is important and who is secondary in the relationship. The fags and subs must always know they are third class citizens, reminded by being degraded publicly and privately.

Heavy Fetish Foot Worship

Faggots love to worship feet, and if I had a penny for every fag and sub that wanted to sit at my feet licking and sucking my toes, I would be a millionaire. Fortunately, I don’t mind having my feet and toes sucked and worshipped by inferior creatures because it feels good. I know nature chose these sluts to be beneath me, and now they are literally beneath me, it cannot get better then that. This can be a gentle fetish or a heavy fetish and the fags that make this a heavy fetish are the ones that want me to fuck their cunts with my foot or toes. Now you can imagine how tight that faghole is, but they sit and scream as I shove my pinkies deep into their shitholes, and yes it does fit, eventually and with lots of lube. I find this type of heavy fetish to be very rewarding as no faggot has ever said that the foot fucking, they got was anything other then perfect. My manly young feet were made to kick the asses of subordinates and underlings alike.

Heavy Fetish Farting

Farting is a heavy fetish because it’s so degrading and disgusting, even though its harmless, the proponents are looked down upon by society. I have many fags that come to me wanting to “eat” or inhale my farts, which normally means that I have to eat typically gassy food before a session and then the faggot arrives and with no concern for formality just gets its mouth pressed up against my shit hole waiting for a drop. I always worry that this fetish could trip over into scat if I am having a bad day. I have never so far had a bad day and shit into a faggot mouth, but the possibility is there. I always have my fag’s playing inhalation and breath holding games against my asshole because it’s so much fun for me and for them. I make sure that each fag sub twink leaves with a little part of my inner colon on their lips and breathe!

Heavy Fetish Fisting

Fisting is definitely one for the pros and one that I only have 3 fags that like it. Fisting is the extreme anal punching of a hand / arm in and out of a fag’s ass pussy. Fisting takes lots of practise and can be one of the most exciting experiences to be introduced too or do for the first time. Fisting as a sexual act is not something for most people, its something that is very taboo. The first time you punch fuck a fag’s boi pussy will be a scary moment for all involved, it never seems a big enough hole, but the shithole can expand very quickly. A fags cunt is one of the most flexible things in nature, some would argue even more pliable then the female vagina because of the power and conviction that the fag boi cunt has, to be fucked hard and abused.

Heavy Fetish Domination

Domination play or power play is the all time number one heavy fetish play style when it comes to sexual desires and needs. Every degenerate that comes through my doors is looking to be told what to do, when to do it and who to do it with, they are seeking the control that only a real young Master like me can give them. Domination is what Master Mikey is all about, because I hold the power and the fags give up power.  

Heavy Fetish In Your Life

If you are still reading, then you are curious about me and this, so click on the website, use the search bar top left and find all the best content to engage with your sexual life and find a way to be the best. I love this life and I am waiting for deviants like you to approach me so we can play, life is all about play, and heavy fetish play is the best.

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