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Can You Support Master Mikey?

Several times a day, I get messages and emails asking how a fag or sissy or femboy can support They ask how they can be proper faggots and serve their Master. They ask if I need help writing the blog or if I want donations of cash towards running To all of them, I say the same thing, enjoy reading the content, spread the word, and share the website, simple. That is how you deviants can help and support me. Support the field of fetish and the content will follow naturally. I use my spare time to create content that I have enjoyed myself and love, it’s my life, so I cannot get someone else to write that.  

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Financially Support Master Mikey

The costs of running the blog are significant, hosting, bandwidth, content production and many others, however, I started this journey as a self-funded venture to document my life and escapades, and I consider all the costs to be mine and mine alone. I have never and will never be controlled by sponsors that might influence the content I write, so I shall continue to bear all the costs myself.

However, you can show your love and respect of the content if you deem it worthy by buying the goody bags I have in NiteFlirt which can be seen here, Master Mikeys Oral Content is a leisure activity for me, as my vanilla life is exhausting and this is a simple place of rest and relaxation for me.  Therefore, if you want to overtly support me you can tribute me on my profile in NiteFlirt.

Support Master Mikey With Your Jerkoff Spend

The more subtle way to support me and is by spending on things you already spend on, so for example if you spend on Chaturbate Cams, then sign up and use my Chaturbate site, where you will find all the cam models you like and more. My site is gay focused but you will also find femboys and trans and women on their too.

As an example of how subtle this support is, if you like a performer like Tatanwalker on Chaturbate, then he will be at this page,

and on my site, he is on this page,

so, all your favourite models are very easy to find and enjoy. Whatever you normally spend or never spend is up to you, the difference that it makes to me, is that if you spend on my site, as many do, then I get a small kickback for promoting my site. The small kickback goes into buying content creation tools to make the process of creating content faster for Speed is important for me, as time is critical between my vanilla life and this fetish life. 

These couple of very subtle ways are the only ways you will ever be able to support and the cause of faggotry, because I am never going to beg or fundraise in any formal way. I enjoy making the content, this site is a release and enjoyment for me,  a way to know that my experiences can be enjoyed by others. I know it helps, I know people enjoy reading the blog, hence I will continue to press on with making it as enjoyable as possible.

Master Mikey The Lone Master

Ultimately, is not a commercial venture, there is no large team pushing it, creating content or marketing it, this is literally and actually only ME. 99% of posts are written between meetings and on flights back and forth from SE Asia and London. is a labour of faggot love.

Enjoy Faggots

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