How To Be Submissive To A Dominant

Submissive To A Dominant
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Submissive To A Dominant

Fags Question

I am a fag, or maybe a sub, but how do I make myself submissive to a dominant? 

Master Mikey's Alpha Answer

The way that you pose that question suggests to me, that you are not a born and bred faggot, but one that has found its path at a later stage in its life. Let me draw the distinction for you. A born faggot knows its place at the bottom of the hierarchical food chain, and will know within itself, long before it actually comes out to the world that it is inferior and that some men are born superior. In contract to a born faggot you have some that are made faggots by seeing the beauty of the alpha faggot union.

In both scenarios there is no need to forcibly make yourself submissive, it comes naturally through the desire to submit. Therefore, if you have to ask yourself how to submit, then you are a lost soul, one that wonders in the ether searching for a Master. For you lost souls I have a sequence of exercises which you can conduct to help you be more submissive, and you can read some of them in 10 ways to train your slave, or you can contact me and I will direct your feeble path. 

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Submission To A Dominant Being

Submission to a higher authority is an unspoken act, when you find yourself in the presence of true dominant authority, you will simply bow without thinking, it will be natural to you, even if it was not before. The best thing you can do it actively press your mind in the direction of servitude and all the benefits that it will bring to your life by kneeling before real men, just get down and kneel and see how they respond, real men will be compelled to use you as you kneel. 

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