Hypno Trance Mind Control

Hypno Trance
Master Mikey @ FagLife.com

Hypnotic Trance Mind Control to lose yourself in Alpha Master Mikey

Look deep into my eyes...and listen to my voice as you stare directly into the centre of the spinning vortex and watch as this enchanting spinning vortex drives you slowly into a deeper and deeper place inside your mind. 

Hypnosis At Work

You might be at work right now, or at home, or with friends, but looking into this spinning vortex you are suddenly all alone. A feeling of tranquillity fills your mind as you fall endlessly into the spinning vision of your future. You feel yourself being pulled into the spinning lines, falling faster and faster towards the centre as though you have no control, your last happy memories fading, the tranquillity of the vision in front of you now falling away to make room for panic. The panic setting in, fills you with a fear that begins deep inside your belly and rises like a storm, unknowing and unchartered territory is now where you are heading. You feel tingling in your arms and chest as you let go and your shoulders slump into the inevitable centre of your body, you feel comfort knowing that I will release you to be the best version of yourself very soon.

Let go, let go, let go… and slowly your vision starts to blur from the periphery, and the lines begin to melt together as tunnel vision sets in... the room is fading fast around you, your ears are now echoey as everything around you melts as you fall into the centre of the universe… my universe.

The only things left now inside you, are ME and the shell of you, listening and waiting for my every instruction. The YOU that you recognise is gone, lost to the spinning vortex, your eyes empty, your mind clear, eagerly awaiting my final instruction...

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