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Broke Cashfag
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I am a totally broke cashfag, should I let my prospective Master know that I cannot serve as a cashfag, because I have no cash?

Master Mikey's Alpha Answer

I will begin by calling you a dumb faggot, because you label yourself as a cashfag, but you are not a broke cashfag, you are a degenerate faggot, that is all you are. A cashfag is a faggot that serves with its cash, and enjoys serving with its cash, the cash is key. A cashfag is not a mentally warped faggot that loves the "idea" of being a cashfag and then labels itself as such. You are a fantasist. That is point number 1, stupid faggot!

Bussy Boi

Broke Cashfag Fantasist

The second point is that if you are a faggot that thinks you are a cashfag, you should announce your mental issues to all that you encounter, because if you are fantasizing in this fashion about being a cashfag, then you will be doing the same in other areas. You are a broken cashfag fantasist. 

Take my advice boi, and keep you life simple, do not enter into fantasies that you are incapable of managing. If you have no cash, then you are not a cashfag, your are just a fag.

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