I'm A Fag But Love Straight Men

Fag But Love Straight Men
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Fag But Love Straight Men

Fags Question

I'm a fag but love straight men, is this right, and why am I not more attracted to gay men?

Master Mikey's Alpha Answer

You my dear faggot are very typical of other faggots. A fag like you is attracted at a biological level to the unique power of the pure soul of a straight man. The pure soul is the best way of describing the overpowering essence of a real man in his element, when he is being a real man, doing what real men do, taking charge and making use of the world.

A real man gains power by breeding women and spreading his seed. Nature has designed the real natural straight man to seed the Earth and all the planets in the Universe, and its that visceral power of creation and devotion to spreading the seed which carry's a scent.... and fags can detect that scent at a biological level. A faggot like you may not even detect this in your nostrils, it may be detected by your brain as an aura, as a spiritual wave, as many things beyond your basic understanding of life. 

Nature seeds the Universe, Real men seed the world, faggots are simply cannon fodder for a swollen straight mans cock. 

This is why you love straight men, and why you are attracted to their indescribable musk, without knowing why you keeping going to them. Your attraction to real men, straight men is a burden set upon your brow by Nature herself, who feeds you to the straight man as a hole to be used, and builds inside you, the faggot, desires for straight men, so that the purpose of Nature may be fulfilled.

Nature is a bitch for building desires to love straight men within you, but she is never wrong. Continue your love of straight men, and make sure only that you serve your purpose to them. 

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