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I live in India and come from a middle class family which places lots of expectations upon me, I will never be able to live up to them, as I am a fag, should I come out publicly and to my family? 

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I hear from many Indian Fags, and from other parts of the East and I have had some great fag relationships with Indian fags as well as fags that hail from other parts of the East, and the story is always the same, parental expectations! The issue is that those parental expectations never match up to the reality of life which is that some men are born less than men. In the hierarchy of men, some men are fags and other are Alphas, some men are sent to Earth to take cock and others are sent to give cock. 

What you should do is very carefully consider what you want in life, if you want to live true to your faggot nature, then you need to come out at the risk of losing everything and everyone you know. If the value of waving a flag in some faraway Western land is important for you to live your truth, then do that. However, if you have any value for your family and the traditions of your culture, then swallow your faggotry deep down inside you and shut the fuck up, live a lie, for the rest of your life, and each time you bang the wife you never wanted to marry, you just lie there imagining its an Alpha dude banging your ass.

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Indian Fag Choices

You have nothing but choices ahead of you, as a fag you can live fulfilled, but the cost is great, but as a normal man, which you are not, you will live within the framework of your society, albeit a sad and lonely life. Take a pick and then proceed, time is short, and your new life awaits you, whatever you choose... faggot!!

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