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I always feel inferior to men, boys, teens, I have had this feeling all my life, what is wrong with me? 

Master Mikey's Alpha Answer

Welcome inferior sub boi, its obvious what is "wrong" with you? can you not see the issue? you are acutely aware, you have an intuition of the hierarchy of men, in reality there is nothing wrong with you, you simply perceive the world as it really is. You must change your mind, there is nothing wrong with you, you are gifted with supreme intuition, you are able to see the world as it is rather than live in the delusion that most fags and subs and men live in. You can see the hierarchy and nature of men, and that some men sit on the top of the power structure, at the apex, and others, lesser men, weaker more feeble men, lie at the bottom of the power hierarchy. 

You are a gifted faggot, and I assume you have always known where you were, I assume you were bullied and pressured by stronger boys and men all your life, and hence always felt inferior. Many in this woke age will tell you to weather the storm, and assume these feelings will pass, but I say, rather then look at this as a stage to passthrough, you should consider it a lesson which you are yet to learn and confirm within yourself. You are an inferior submissive faggot, and no matter what you do, this is your lot in life. You can make the decision to do good with this role, and let me tell you how.

Bussy Boi

Inferior Sub Success

If you are an inferior sub, own that, know comfortably that this is your place, and act accordingly. You can be a successful inferior sub by doing things for real men, by serving and living up to your true given purpose. I am not going to give you a full guide, you can read that here in this website, but some tips for you and your kind, 

Give Of Your Time

Now that you know your purpose, your time is short, you may have come to the realisation of inferiority in your later years, some men do not realise until they are into their elderly years, some are lucky to find their purpose as teens, but this is rare. Whatever your allotted time left on this mortal coil, seek out men, real men to whom you can be of service and then serve them in every way possible, fulfilling natures ultimate desires and your own. 

Give Of Your Flesh

You are a weak inferior sub, but you have uses, a mouth hole, an ass pussy, armpits, hands, feet, all of which can be used and abused by a Master, a real man. Real men will feast on your delicate weak body because Masters always want to fuck, and you should always be quick to make yourself available. 

Give Of Your Finances

Your money is useless to you, so hand it to a greater man, that will put it to better use. You have acknowledged your weakness , your inferiority, what use have you of money? nothing can glorify you, least of all money, its best you relieve yourself of money and all the responsibilities that come with it, hand it over to a great Master, a leader, a true and real man that will use it as he sees fit. Trust that your money is handled better by a real man. In fact, if you are reading this, head to my profile and tribute, and show me what you are, how you can be made to serve and be of service to a real man like me. 

Inferior Sub Men Must Serve

Its the festive season inferiors, so step up and make yourself useful in this time. Show yourself to me or other Masters like me, to real men that will use you now and into 2023. 

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